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When One Gun Isn’t Enough: We Review Rifle/Shotgun Combos

If you can’t decide whether you need a rifle or a shotgun, then check out the Savage Arms Model 24F-12 12 gauge/.30-30 or the EAA/Baikal IZH94 12 gauge/7.62x39mm combination guns.

The Baikal, left, had the shotgun barrel over
ûthe rifle barrel. The Savage, right, had just the
opposite. We liked the Baikal.

Many’s been the time when members of our staff have been afield deer hunting and walked into a mess of quail, and wished for a shotgun to knock down a bird or two. Or, conversely, when we’ve been fall turkey hunting with a shotgun and saw a huge buck rise up 75 yards away, making us pine for a rifle. Though such situations occur when we’re least prepared, which is to say most of the time, there is a way to have our cake and eat it, too. …

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