Mako Group Becomes Sole USA Distributor of Meprolight Sights


( — After a decade of distribution by Kimber USA, Meprolight Self-illuminated sights will be distributed in the USA exclusively by The Mako Group beginning November 1, 2013.

The Mako Group, a leading distributor of firearms accessories, has been distributing Meprolight Optical and Electro Optical sights in the USA since 2011. The change means Meprolight sights will no longer be available from Kimber USA, said Benny Kokia, vice president of sales and marketing from Meprolight headquarters in Or-Akiva, Israel.

Shay Granov, The Mako Group’s vice president of business development, said, “We are very pleased to be named the exclusive USA distributor of all Meprolight Optical and Self-illuminated sights. We have broad experience with Meprolight Optical and Electro Optical sights and a wide range of other weapon accessories for rifles, pistols and shotguns.

“This, combined with our extensive dealer network and reputation for providing the highest level of service and personalized attention, assures that the transition of Meprolight’s Self-illuminating Night Sights to new distribution management will serve the industry well.”

Meprolight develops, manufactures, and markets aiming and sighting systems and devices for military, homeland security, law enforcement, and civilian applications. These products include Electro Optic sights, un-cooled thermal sights and devices, night vision devices, fire control systems, laser rangefinders, handheld rangefinders, and tritium night sights.

In all, Mako is now the exclusive USA distributor for over 3,000 top-quality weapon-related products. The Mako Group is managed by former military, Secret Service and Special Forces operatives that have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve their lives and the lives of others. The Mako Group is a Registered Contractor to the US Department of Defense based in Farmingdale, NY.


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