The Original Winchester Name is Back


The Morgan, Utah based makers of Winchester rifles and shotguns have announced the historic return to the original name given the brand nearly 150 years ago. In 1866 Oliver Winchester named his company ñ and the brand of rifles he was selling ñ Winchester Repeating Arms. Going forward all Winchester branded sporting firearms will fall under the Winchester Repeating Arms banner.

In the mid 20th century the usage was often shortened to just ìWinchester.î In recent years reference to Winchester firearms fell under the umbrella brand of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns. Today, with the launching of the 2008 product line, including the new Model 70 and the entry of the new Speed Pump shotgun, it is fitting for the company to return to its roots. Other Winchester Repeating Arms products include the Super X3 autoloading shotgun (known for its extreme speed and reliability), the Super X Rifle (an autoloading centerfire rifle with impressive, bolt action-like accuracy), the Wildcat 22 bolt action, and the impressive line of Model 101 and Platinum over and under shotguns (made in Belgium).

The Winchester brand is licensed to the makers of Winchester firearms by the Olin Corporation. Olin is the owner of the legendary Winchester Ammunition brand and owns and licenses the brand to a number of quality companies who make hunting and shooting related products. Winchester Repeating Arms and Winchester Ammunition are the anchor brands for the Winchester family of products.


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