Fusion Adds New 20-Gauge Offering to Shotgun Slug Lineup


Fusion Adds New 20-Gauge Offering to Shotgun Slug Lineup

ANOKA, Minn. – Fusion has added another offering for 2008. This year’s addition gives slug hunters a total of four options for their rifled barrel shotguns.

Like their centerfire pistol and rifle counterparts, Fusion slugs are formed under consistent pressure for complete dimensional control and slug integrity. In addition, the nose is skived and pre-programmed for consistent expansion, maximum weight retention and deep penetration.

“When Fusion technology was first released, it was only offered in centerfire rifle loads,” said Director of Marketing Kyle Tengwall. “Now we’ve been able to transfer this advanced technology and apply it to several different platforms. Slug hunters will benefit from the distinct advantage Fusion gives today’s hunter.”

Originally released exclusively in centerfire rifle offerings, Fusion matches price and performance to give deer hunters the best load in several different firearm types.

Available in 2008:

Part No.Description
F208 FS – 20-ga, 2-3/4” 3/4 oz Fusion Sabot Slug 1600 fps

For more information on the Fusion Sabot Slug, as well as the complete CCI lineup, visit www.fusionammo.com


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