Lapua Announces 50 BMG, 221 Fireball Among 2014 Ammo Products


( — Ammunition maker Lapua has introduced a handful of new products for 2014:

Lapua 221 Remington Fireball

The 221 Fireball case is more popular today than ever, whether used in its original form, or necked into one of the many cases that it serves as a parent for, such as the 20 VarTarg and the 300 AAC Blackout. The 17 Fireball was an early offspring, but the case has been necked down even further and upward to 30 caliber. It was introduced by Remington in 1963 in the XP-100 bolt action pistol.

Lapua 50 BMG Match

Though known for its service in heavy machineguns, the big 50 BMG has the potential for very good accuracy if loaded with true, match-grade components, such as Lapua’s 50 BMG precision-made Match cases.

7mm 150 Grain and 180 Grain Scenar-Ls Bullets

Lapua’s two newest additions to the Scenar family of match bullets are suitable for use in a broad range of cartridges, such as the 7mm Remington Magnum, the 7mm WSM, and 7mm SAUM. The 150-grain Scenar-L is suitable for Silhouette to Across the Course High Power competition. The 180-grain Scenar is a long-range for Prone shooting, F-Class, or Long Range Benchrest competitions.


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