.223 Semiautos: Ruger Mini-14 Vs. Olympic Arms K3B Carbine

In self-defense use, pinpoint accuracy isn't necessary, but reliability and ease of use are paramount. In this report we evaluate how well these two .223s perform those tasks.

Carbine Showdown: Kel-Tec, Springfield Armory Face Off

The $640 Kel-Tec SU-16 and the $1,727 Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 offer different solutions for long-gun self defense.

A Roller-Locked Trio: H&K-Type Variants for .308, .223, 9mm

We test rifles with this action type: JLD's .308 PTR-91, Vector Arms' V-53 in .223, and the 9mm BW-5 from Bobcat Weapons.

A Brace of Odd .223 Autoloaders From Robinsons and Bushmaster

Want something a bit different in your next AR-15? Robinson's modular M96 goes head to head with Bushmaster's Bullpup.

Varmint Cartridges: The .22-250 Still Reigns; Rugers .204 Is Hot

We put two of the newest small-bore centerfires — Ruger's .204 and the .223 WSSM — against one of the oldest cartridges, the .22-250 Remington, and found out the old dog can hunt.

Lightweight AR-15 Carbines: We Test Guns from Bushmaster, DPMS

Need a handy, dependable rifle for self-defense? Want a lightweight gun that won't stretch your arms? In this test, you can pick either gun and come out with a winner.

Entry-Type AR-15s Are Short. Is One of These Rifles for You?

In previous tests on these pages we've been far more excited about lightweight AR-15 types than about the normal, full-size military configuration of that rifle. We looked long and hard at the Carbon 15, and one or two others. We think we're not alone in our attraction to the lighter .223 rifles, judging from our letters. But how about "entry" type carbines, with short barrels and stocks? Do they have any use in the field? Many a cop and shooter want the smallest, lightest yet most efficient .223 autoloader available, so here we present three more alternatives. Two of them are built around the AR-15 concept, but have short stocks and barrels to cut weight and bulk. The third is the often-overlooked Ruger Mini-14 semiauto, which is a lot less imposing in its wood-stocked configuration, but may be just what the doctor ordered if you need a .223 semiauto that is less intimidating but just as effective as the AR-15 types.

HK, Bushmaster, and Rock River: Semiauto Field Rifles In Heavy Trim

Most shooters who envision a varmint rifle see a big, heavy bolt gun perched atop a shooting bench, with prairie dogs 300, 400, and 500 yards or more distant. The shooter carefully loads a single .22-250, 6mm PPC, or other handloaded round and chambers it. After gauging the nearby wind with smoke from a fine cigar, the shooter lays down on the stock and fires. The light recoil from the gun scarcely moves the rifle or shooter.

Light & Lighter: The Carbon 15 Packs A Wallop Without Heft

At 4.3 pounds, Professional Ordnance's Carbon 15 is the lightest AR15, and it's a very good one. Bushmaster's lightest rifle, the XM15-E2S, is also worth a close look.

Remington Model 700 Police Tops Savage Model 110FP Tactical

Remember that daylight bank robbery in California a few months back? The bad guys were illegally armed to the teeth, wearing body armor and spraying lead in all directions. If there had been a movie crew around, one might have thought they were filming Lethal Weapon 4.

If you saw the TV news coverage, the image of one armored bandit being dropped in his tracks will probably stay with you a long time. That shot was taken with a rifle capable of MOA (minute of angle) accuracy at 100 yards. In the hands of law enforcement, they're called sniper rifles. The rest of us call them target or varmint rifles. Except for finish and perhaps some high tech, highly expensive add-on optics, they're muc...

ArmaLite M15A2 HBAR Tops Olympic, Colt .223 Rifles

For a number of years after its civilian introduction in 1964, the Colt AR-15 was essentially a semiautomatic version of the U.S. military's standard issue rifle, the M16. Today, however, a handful of manufacturers are producing AR-15-type firearms in a variety of configurations. We prefer to call these firearms sporting rifles.

Despite what some politicians may think, we feel that all law-abiding citizens of this country should have the opportunity to own a sporting rifle. They are suitable for many types of shooting activities, from small game and varmint hunting to target shooting and home protection. They are also just plain fun to shoot.

All of the rifles in this test are .223 se...

.223 Remington Bolt-Action Packages: How Do They Rate

CZ's 527 and the Savage GXP3 packages come with on-board scopes, but are they a steal or a bad deal?

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