January 6, 2010

Benelli SuperNova No. 20115 MAX-4 HD Camo 12 Gauge Pump

NORWALK, CT--Gun Tests Magazine has named the Benelli SuperNova MAX-4 HD Camo12 Gauge as the publication’s “Best in Class” Shotgun for 2009.

The pumpgun joins a Taurus wheelgun, a 9mm pistol from S&W, and a Browning 7mm Mag. bolt action as the magazine’s “Best in Class” 2009 honorees.

More specifically, the “Best in Class” shotgun for 2009 was the Benelli SuperNova No. 20115 MAX-4 HD Camo 3.5-inch 12 Gauge Pump, $599. It was originally reviewed in the September 2009 issue of Gun Tests.

“All the 'Best' guns are A or A+ choices,” said Gun Tests Publisher Timothy H. Cole, referring to the magazine’s Report Card scoring system, which ranks guns from A+ down to a failing grade of F. Cole said only about 20% of all guns tested by the magazine get a “buy it” grade of A or B.

Gun Tests Editor Todd Woodard said, “Our testers praised the SuperNova, saying it shot flawlessly and swung smoothly and steadily. Our only initial peeve was the trigger, promptly attended to by Benelli at no charge. The team said the Benelli is an outstanding slide-action waterfowl gun.”

Benelli Supernova 12 Gauge

Courtesy, Gun Tests

The Benelli SuperNova has plenty going for it; the ComforTech system being a revolutionary concept in recoil suppression; a three-tube choke system; and an ergonomic design and polymer coating that lent it the function and feel of an excellent hunting gun. Downsides: An unnecessarily heavy trigger, rudimentary sights, and no specialty turkey choke.

Other excerpts from the story included:

“The SuperNova’s stock was shim-adjustable for cast and drop. Having the stock easily adjustable for drop and cast with the included shims is an excellent addition—and something included on no other slide-action shotgun made today that we are aware of. Where the original Nova pioneered an over-molded, one-piece receiver and buttstock, the SuperNova, with its shim-adjustable ComforTech stock, is far better.”

“Elsewhere, the Benelli’s action was buttery smooth.”

“Also, we found the Benelli to be nicely balanced, and smooth swinging.”

“The overall build quality of the Supernova is extremely well done. The camo finish was without flaws, attractive and well-applied. The smooth way the barrel extension locks into the receiver screams quality and expert machining. The molded-in ridges on the stock felt good in the hands, offering a comfortable and functional gripping surface.”

Benelli Supernova 12 Gauge

Courtesy, Gun Tests

With the action fully open on the Benelli, it is easy to appreciate how well fitted the forearm is to the receiver. The molded in grooves on the SuperNova gave us a secure, comfortable gripping surface.

“The more time we spent with the SuperNova, the more we liked it.”

Cole said, “Gun Tests doesn’t accept advertising, so consumers can have confidence that our Best in Class picks are the results of head-to-head evaluations by our teams--and not influenced by anything else.”

For more information on Gun Tests magazine, log on to www.gun-tests.com.

The Benelli shot flawlessly, comfortably, swung smoothly and steadily. Our only initial peeve was the trigger, promptly attended to by Benelli at no charge. It is an outstanding 3.5-inch slide-action waterfowl gun.

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