SHOT 2023: Uintah Precision Modern Sporting Muzzleloader


At SHOT Show 2023, Joe Woolley, Contributing Editor for Gun Tests Magazine, interviewed Richard Hamilton, Owner of Uintah Precision, about the company’s new Modern Sporting Muzzleloader, which puts a smoke pole upper atop a standard semi-auto AR-15 lower.

Utilizing the same upper receiver from Uintah’s True Bolt Action UPR-15 uppers, the Modern Sporting Muzzleloader features a Preferred Barrels 416R Stainless Steel barrel.

The 24″, .45 Caliber, 1-20 twist barrel is Cerakoted black and comes with a 2 port muzzle brake, which will allow you to be able to push the limits of accuracy in a muzzleloader.

The upper is made from American 6061 billet aluminum with a picatinny rail along the top and a 15″ MLOK handguard with attachment points at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

Secured in place along the top of the barrel is an aluminum ramrod with a brass jag. The 4140 American Steel bolt features dual extractors to ensure that spent primers don’t get stuck.

Ignition is from a standard 209 primer.

The lower receiver is a UP-15 6061 billet aluminum “mil-spec” lower. The lowers are built out with a Velocity “Classic” 3-pound single stage trigger, Magpul K2+ grip and Magpul PRS Lite buttstock.

The PRS Lite stock allows the user to adjust the cheek riser height as well as the length of pull and the rubberized texture of the K2+ grip ensures a non slip surface.

The Complete Modern Sporting Muzzleloader ships in a Plano All Weather rolling double rifle case. The complete Muzzleloader rifle must ship to an FFL because it is built with an AR-15 lower, .

Price: $1,776.

The Modern Sporting Muzzleloader Upper turn any “mil-spec” AR-15 into a tack driving muzzleloader.

For the Modern Sporting Muzzleloader uppers, Uintah uses the same bolt action receiver as the UPR15 line. The receivers are machined from American 6061 billet aluminum with a pic rail on top and a 15″ MLOK handguard for peripherals.

The barrels are a 24″, 416R Stainless Steel, 1-20 twist barrel from Preferred Barrels. Recoil from the .45 caliber projectile is tamed by a dual port muzzle brake. Secured and running along the top of the barrel and protected by the handguard is the aluminum ramrod with brass jag.

The bolt is machined from American 4140 steel and features dual extractors to remove the spent 209 primers.

Price: $1,098.00

Pins to any “mil-spec” AR15 lower. This upper assembly is not a firearm, so it will ship directly to the customer and is legal to ship to any state.


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