SHOT 2023: Tricking Out Your Henry Lever Rifle


Dan Clayton-Luce, VP Communications for Henry Repeating Arms, tells Gun Tests Contributing Editor Joe Woolley how to trick out a Henry lever-action rifle. Details on the major parts mentioned in the video are listed below.

Buttstock: Chisel Arms
CNC’d 6061 solid billet-aluminum stock for the Henry Lever Gun series of rifles, this stock features an ambidextrous adjustable-height cheek piece as well as an adjustable-height buttpad.

Fitment: This stock should be an easy drop-in replacement for the Henry pistol-grip lever action series of rifles (to include the X-Models).

Straight-grip conversion: This stock will allow you to convert your straight-grip rifle to a a pistol-grip style rifle, however, you will need to purchase a pistol-grip lever for the action to work. The stock straight-grip lever will not work.

Henry M-LOK Handguard (Black), $169: Ranger Point Precision

FEATURES: 3 Flush Cup holes for sling swivels, 1 Trad sling stud hole, 24 M-LOK slots, 18 finger grooves per side

FITS: Henry models (all calibers): Side Gates, X Series, Color Case Hardened, Big Boy Steels, All Weather, .410 Axe rifles

DOES NOT FIT: Henry Long Rangers, Single Shots or 22’s (search for separate Henry 22 Rimfire Forearm on our website), Henry Long Rangers, Henry barrel band models, Henry 45/70 H010GCC and 30-30 H009GCC with the longer forend and 22″ octagon barrel

MATERIAL: 6061-T6 aluminum (Type III Black anodized)
WEIGHT: 7.5 oz (similar to the factory forearm)
HANDGUARD LENGTH: 13.25″ Length (exposed opening mag tube loading port)
MOUNTING HARDWARE: 17-4ph stainless tenon (provided)
INSTALLATION: Watch the install video from customers. Taking Henry’s apart can be tricky. If needed, Louthan Gunworks has agreed to do $65 installs + return shipping. Contact them directly to make arrangements.

MLOK 6-8 CARTRIDGE QUIVERS: Available for 45-70 govt, 30-30 Win, 444, 44 Mag, 45 Colt, 357 Mag.


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