Brownells Reintroduces the BRN-601 Retro Upper Receiver


Brownells has reintroduced the BRN-601 Retro Upper Receiver, which addresses the challenges faced by retro AR-15 enthusiasts in their quest for authentic, often scarce components.

The BRN-601, $900, is a detail-accurate replica of the upper receiver on the first AR-15 type rifle adopted in the early 1960s. It features the correct “slickside” receiver, fine-quality matte gray anodized finish, a 20-inch 5.56x45mm NATO barrel with a 1-in-12-inch twist and chrome-lined bore, chromed slickside M16 bolt-carrier group with a 9310 steel alloy bolt, and the original three prong “duckbill” flash hider.

Combining nostalgia for the early history of the AR-15 rifle with cutting-edge technology, the BRN-601 (430-105-691) provides a solution to the problems of availability, affordability, and modern features that have plagued the market for retro AR-15 components.

“We are thrilled to bring back this retro offering to the market,” said Paul Levy, director of product management. “Our team has worked hard to ensure the BRN-601 meets the highest standards of quality and performance. We believe it will be a big hit with retro enthusiasts and anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable upper assembly.


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