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Remington CDL .35 Whelen

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The excellent matte finish on both stock and metal added to the aura of the .35 Whelen in this new CDL. We also liked the clean lines. Note the absence of iron sights.

Remington CDL .35 Whelen

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Caliber Plus Cartridge
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Barrel Finish
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Note the extra space at the front of the round within the magazine. This will permit seating long bullets out farther, and though it may be necessary to lengthen the leade in the bore, this will permit the use of heavy or very long bullets at velocities the .350 Magnum could not approach.
The CDL had one of the finest recoil pads weve seen. It looked great and worked extremely well. This was a pleasant rifle to shoot, unlike the .350.
The button (arrow) dumps the magazine contents. Wed rather this button was outside the guard, because heavy recoil can let the trigger finger bump it, dumping the magazine contents onto the ground.
The pistol grip had attractive, useful, and well-done checkering. The forend was wrapped with it. Remington continues to jewel the bolts of the Model 700s. The bolt knob is finely checkered, and ran back and forth like it was on rollers. Neither sling nor scope bases came with the rifle.

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