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Regent R100 45 ACP

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The Regent R100 is well made of good materials. The design is good, but the change in the grip frame left the raters cold. Just the same, the performance was good enough to earn a B rating. Considering the competition, this isn't a bad showing, and the Regent is reasonably priced.

Regent R100 45 ACP

Gun Details

Model Name
Model Number
Home Defense
Law Enforcement
Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Overall Length
Barrel Length
Overall Height
Front Strap Height
Back Strap Height
Maximum Width
Grip Thickness Max
Grip Circumference Max
Frame Material
Barrel Material
Grip Material
Trigger Pull Single
Trigger Span Single

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The R100 is a good performer, well made of good materials, a great pistol in most regards and certainly worth its modest price. The R100 received high marks on fit and finish. Accuracy and reliability cannot be faulted.
Magazine operation was stiff. The R100's supplied ACT MAG magazine did not fall out of the magazine well readily when the magazine release was pressed.
The R100 was another feed-reliable pistol. The Black Hills 185-grain JHP is a good reliable load that burns clean and demonstrates good accuracy. If you can live with the grip strap's angular redesign, you can forge a bond with this pistol. If you look closely, the bevel on the front strap is different than that of the other 1911s, resulting in a circumference about 0.2 inch larger and an odd feel to 1911 shooters.
GI guns are often fast on target and give fine results at personal defense range.
This is a 7-yard target fired as quickly as we could get the sights back on target after each trigger press. The R100 is deceptively GI in appearance at first, but is clearly more accurate than the usual GI-specification pistol from World War II.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation