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Mosin-Nagant 1981/30 Rifle 7.62x54R, ~$140

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Clearly from an earlier time, this long Mosin 91/30 was in excellent condition throughout. It had been arsenal refinished, but the wood and metal was in like-new condition, we thought. The rifle performed exactly like it should have, and shot very well indeed. We donít think itíll win any beauty contests, but it was a fine example of a sound, long-lived design that was very affordable.

Mosin-Nagant 1981/30 Rifle 7.62x54R, ~$140

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Caliber Plus Cartridge
Weight Unloaded
Length of Pull
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Barrel Finish
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It was very hard to pull on the cocking piece and twist it, but thatís the safety feature on this rifle, and once engaged, it was impossible to fire the rifle. Note the short bolt handle. The Sniperís angled version was much easier to work, our testers said. Extraction, ejection, and feeding were flawless, and this ancient gun was accurate to boot.
The arrow points to the catch in the Mosinís magazine that holds the upcoming round down below the bolt travel. This positively prevents double-feed jams, as long as the mechanism is working properly. In the normal Mosin it worked, but it failed in the Sniper.
We thought the right-angled bolt handle was too short, but everything here worked. The ladder, or tangent-type, rear sight went to 2000 yards. Even the wood on this example looked to be nearly new. The metalwork was surprisingly good, too.
The wood appeared to be birch. The edges of the grooves in the stock were sharp, and all the metal had excellent bluing. We thought the rifle handled very well despite its 4-foot length. Add the bayonet and this rifle resembles a spear.

Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation