First-Ever Deluxe Turnbull 1911 is 2014 SHOT Show Auction Handgun


( — Turnbull Manufacturing Company, the iconic restorer of vintage rifles and shotguns, has very recently aimed their manufacturing and design skills to the production of high-quality handguns and this first Deluxe Model of their new 1911Classic — featuring Serial Number 1911001 — has been selected as the 2014 SHOT Show Auction handgun.

The Turnbull 1911 is a modern-manufactured handgun, chambered in .45 ACP, to match the 1911 as it was manufactured more than a century ago. This special SHOT Show edition features scroll engraving, gold inlay and the serial number 1911001. The grips are genuine giraffe bone.

“There are an awful lot of 1911 fans out there, commented Doug Turnbull, Turnbull manufacturing CEO. We’ll just have to see how this Serial Number 1911001 does. As was the case last year, the money goes to a great cause.”

Features of the Turnbull Model 1911 include forged frame with appropriate shape and style, later-style 1911 sight with semi-circle notch, a short, wide spur hammer with standard checkering, and a two-tone magazine. All parts are American made and are machined from steel stock with period-correct Carbonia Charcoal Bluing on all parts and Inspector’s mark from Doug Turnbull, TMC Owner and Founder.

The gun will be displayed at the SHOT Show in a custom glass-topped walnut display case. The case will also go to the high bidder to facilitate display of the 1911 Classic in the high bidder’s home or office.

In 2013, the first Turnbull TAR-10, an engraved and gold-inlayed AR platform rifle, set the all-time SHOT Show Auction record with a high bid of $136,024.

The high bidder will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity from Doug Turnbull attesting that this is the first Turnbull 1911 Classic produced.

The funds generated through the Treasures & Traditions auction will benefit the Hunting Heritage Trust, a recognized 501c3 public charity by the IRS.


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