Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 Combo 22 LR/22 WMR

The Heritage Rough Rider is the least expensive handgun tested, but it came with a spare 22 Magnum cylinder. The fit and finish are good, and the revolver is fitted with a nice set of cocobolo grips. A manual safety is a good option.


Gun Tests Grade: A (Best Buy)


This Rough Rider is readily available at many outlets, usually the 45⁄8-inch-barrel version with only the 22 LR cylinder. The revolver illustrated , however, was supplied with a 22 Magnum cylinder. We found it new on the shelf and went with it. The cylinder was handy and available locally. We did not mind paying $21 extra for the Magnum cylinder. Because the original intent was to test only 22 LR revolvers, this is an interesting side benefit. (Some models of the Chiappa are also offered with a Magnum cylinder.) The Heritage revolver is a fresh design that isn’t based on the Ruger Single Six or Colt Scout. It is a purpose-designed 22-caliber single-action revolver. The revolver is manufactured from inexpensive material and makes use of various MIM, composite, and non-ferrous alloys. The cylinder and barrel are steel. The cylinder is well fitted, and the pivot pin isn’t difficult to remove to clean the revolver or to change the cylinders. The trigger guard is squared more than the usual single-action revolver. The action is smooth enough, breaking at 4 pounds even.

Action TypeSingle action
Overall Length11.8 in.
Overall Height5.0 in.
Maximum Width1.4 in.
Weight Unloaded33.4 oz.
Weight Loaded37.4 oz.
Cylinder Gap0.080 in.
Barrel Length6.5 in.
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy
CylinderBlued steel
22 Magnum CylinderUnfluted steel
Frame Front Strap Height2.1 in.
Frame Rear Strap Height3.1 in.
Grip Thickness (Max)1.3 in.
Grip Circumference (Max)5.7 in.
Front SightFixed blade
Rear SightReceiver groove
Sight Radius7.6 in.
Trigger Pull Weight Single Action4.0 lbs.
Trigger Span3.0 in.
SafetyThumb safety
Made InUSA
Warranty1 year
Telephone(305) 685-5966

The Heritage Rough Rider is loaded by placing the hammer on half cock. With the loading gate open, the chambers are loaded one round at a time. The action is positive. There is none of the fuzziness or difficulty loading like we found with the Chiappa revolver. While the Ruger doesn’t require the hammer be placed on half cock to load, the Heritage revolver is rated as smooth and positive in operation as the more expensive Ruger revolver.

Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 Combo 22 LR/22 WMR.

The Heritage features a floating firing pin mounted in the frame. This is not a transfer-bar revolver, although it does feature a safety notch in the action. After loading, a slight tug and the hammer clicks into the safety notch. While well and good, we don’t trust a single-action revolver safety notch. The Heritage also features a manual safety, unique among single-action revolvers. While various hammer-blocking safeties have been attempted, some of them attached to the hammer, the Heritage is a workable safety. The safety is moved to block contact between the hammer and the floating firing pin, and moved away to allow firing the Heritage revolver. The safety isn’t difficult to move to the Fire position when you begin to use the revolver. While more complicated than simply using a transfer-bar system, the safety lever is novel and works well. We practiced moving the safety to Fire on the draw without difficulty. Just the same, for the non-critical use we would put this piece to, we recommend loading one empty chamber in the cylinder under the hammer. Load a cartridge, skip a chamber, load four, cock the hammer and lower on an empty chamber.

Only the Heritage had provision for firing 22 Magnum cartridges. The other handguns were chambered just for the 22 LR. Despite its low price, the Heritage revolver is well finished and the fit of its parts are good. The slightly longer barrel of the Heritage revolver may have helped its accuracy. We noted that the front sight is the correct height for 40-grain 22 rounds to hit at point of aim at 10 yards.

While firing the revolver in fast-paced drills, we found the Heritage Rough Rider proved to be an able plinker and fun gun. Overall times were comparable to the Ruger, with little to choose from between the two. While single-action revolvers are not noted for speed of loading, the Ruger and Heritage were similar. We liked the Heritage and its positive clicks when indexing the trigger better than the Ruger’s free-spinning pawl. But then, some true Single Action Shooting Society competitors like the ability to quickly run the cylinder forward and back. The Chiappa revolvers, with their fast handling and nicely shaped grip, handled quickly as well.

The Heritage was well regulated for 40-grain bullets, striking to the point of aim at 10 yards. In absolute accuracy, the Heritage was nearly as accurate as the Ruger, with the difference being small statistically. So, for less money, the Heritage gave better performance, overall, than the Ruger when you consider the cost per dollar formula. An additional strong point for the Heritage Rough Rider is the 22 Magnum cylinder. With the single 22 Magnum load tested (CCI Mini Mags), the Heritage broke 1340 fps, faster by almost 300 fps than the Winchester Super-X 22 LR hollowpoint. This makes for greater versatility, even for those who only occasionally intend to use the 22 Magnum cylinder.

Our Team Said: We like the transfer-bar safety of the Ruger better than the Heritage manual safety. But when the performance was added up, including fit and feel, smoothness of action, and the feel of the grip, as well as the sight picture, the Heritage and the Ruger Wrangler are very close in performance. When you add the Wrangler’s higher average price, the Heritage is the better buy, and is for us the Best Buy in this test.


At right are our test guns. Top to bottom are the Chiappa 1873 No. 340.250 22 LR, the Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 Combo 22 LR/22 WMR, the Traditions Rawhide Rancher 22 LR, and the Ruger Wrangler No. 2004 22 LR.
Fiocchi High Velocity
40-grain Plated LRN
Rawhide Rancher
Rough Rider
Average Velocity1026 fps1003 fps989 fps1053 fps
Muzzle Energy93 ft.-lbs.89 ft.-lbs.87 ft.-lbs.98 ft.-lbs.
Small Group3.0 in.2.5 in.2.0 in.2.3 in.
Average Group3.5 in.3.1 in.2.3 in.2.7 in.
Winchester Super X
37-grain Hollowpoint
Rawhide Rancher
Rough Rider
Average Velocity1014 fps1022 fps1000 fps1017 fps
Muzzle Energy84 ft.-lbs.86 ft.-lbs.82 ft.-lbs.85 ft.-lbs.
Small Group3.5 in.2.6 in.1.9 in.2.3 in.
Average Group4.4 in.3.4 in.2.4 in.2.6 in.
Federal Hunter Match
40-grain Lead Hollowpoint
Rawhide Rancher
Rough Rider
Average Velocity1062 fps1050 fps1031 fps1044 fps
Muzzle Energy100 ft.-lbs.98 ft.-lbs.94 ft.-lbs.97 ft.-lbs.
Small Group2.7 in.2.8 in.2.4 in.2.5 in.
Average Group3.9 in.3.6 in.2.8 in.2.9 in.


  1. I have a Ruger Wrangler and Heritage revolvers. When comparing both I felt the Heritage was a more comfortable shooter. I let a friend try the same comparison and he reached the same conclusion. He’s a Ruger fan and liked the Heritage so much he bought one. I liked the Heritage so much I bought the
    4/3/4″ and Barkeep to have a set. I’m still having trouble getting comfortable with the Boot Gun,

  2. The price and .22wmr cylinder were the determining factors when we bought our Heritage…the gun has paid for its self long ago, and still sees the range often, especially when I need a couple hours of relax time…the only minor flaw has been one screw that I am now threatening with RED loctite…elsewise, the gun runs flawlessly on the cheapest bulk, and also serves to re-hit rounds from other guns (if the round doesn’t fire, it is definitely a dud)…if our gun ever just quits completely (could be years at this rate), we will simply buy another one…that our endorsement…

  3. I recently picked mine up from bass pro shop in Houston. Its the heritage American flag grip and came with a wmr and lr cylinder for only $120. It was so fun to shoot. do doo do doo doo doo doo with a big iron on my hip!

  4. Excellent article but one part is misleading. The gun is almost a direct copy of a Colt Frontier Scout with the safety being the only real difference.


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