Kimber Aegis Pistol Introduction: SHOT Show 2018


Gun TestsEditor Todd Woodard interviews Kimber Creative Lead Rachel Maloney about the company’s new Kimber Aegis optics-ready pistol. Video transcript below.

Hi, this is Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests magazine, at the 2018 SHOT show. We’re here with Rachel Maloney, creative lead for Kimber Manufacturing, and she’s going to tell us about one of their new product introductions, the Aegis Pro and Custom 9mms and 45 ACP CCW handguns.

Rachel: Hey guys, so one of the things that we’re most excited about this year is our Aegis Elite optics-installed guns. So we have them in Custom and Pro size, and they come in 9 millimeter and 45 ACP.

You know, I’m a big fan of leading the charge on all of the new innovations out there, but you know, the 1911 platform is something we love. Certainly, we made our name with it, and we couldn’t resist getting an optic on there.

We’re real proud of these ccw guns. They come with a Vortex Venom sight that has a 6-MOA dot. It’s really fast to acquire. It’s actually fantastic at about 15 yards, and you’ll get on that dot super quick. For those who are interested in getting involved in red-dot shooting, nothing says easy like being able to walk into your local shop and pick one up without having to deal with the entire customizing process. So we’re really excited about these guns.

They’re two-tone, and they have TEX serrations on the rear and front on our Custom and the rear on our Pro size. They give a real good purchase, so if you’re working with any kind of reload or slide manipulations during ccw, there’s nothing slippery there. They’ve got a rounded-heel frame, which we find a lot of ccw customers really like. It’s a big comfort for point shooting. They’re all-steel frames, so they chew up a lot of recoil, and we just find that they are so much fun to shoot.

Super excited about the product this year.

Todd: Rachel, thank you very much for that rundown on the Aegis ccw pistols. We’ll go take a few rounds through it and have a little fun.


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