New Videos on (December 26)


( — Here are new videos added to the week of December 26: World Champion Jerry Miculek speed-shoots the 500 Magnum, the JM Mossberg 930 12 gauge, and a Smith & Wesson M&P-15.

Jerry Miculek puts 5 rounds on target as fast as possible with a stock S&W 500! All caught at high speed! Ammo is Hornady 500 S&W 300 gr FTX.

Using his signature JM Mossberg 930 complete with a Vortex Razor red dot, Jerry Miculek manages to put 5 shots on target in just a half a second! All while being caught on 20,000 FPS high speed slow motion!

Using a Smith & Wesson M&P-15, Hornady ammunition, and Vortex Optics, Jerry Miculek manages to get 5 shots on two targets in only a half a second! All captured in High Speed 3600 FPS!


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