First Look Video: Four Affordable 9mm Carry Handguns


If you’re looking for an affordable 9mm pistol that’s easy to carry, you should check out the June 2021 issue of Gun Tests magazine.

Hi, I’m Todd Woodard. I’ve been the editor of Gun Tests for more than 20 years. And finding affordable concealed-carry handguns has never been harder.

Gun Tests Contributing Editor Bob Campbell and his South Carolina test team recently fired four smaller 9mms head to head to find the best performance and value. Those handguns were the: Ruger SR1911 No. 6722 9mm Luger, $775; the Tisas Regent BR9 9mm Luger, $558; the Citadel M1911A1-CS CIT9MMCSP 9mm Luger, $479;and the Zenith Tisas ZIG PCS9 9mm Luger, $549.

The Ruger SR1911 is the most expensive gun tested. We liked the fit, finish, handling, and accuracy of this handgun.


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The Tisas Regent BR9, a Hi-Power clone, is a viable defensive firearm for some shooters. But the cocking effort is very high, 24 pounds, which may disqualify it for some shooters.

In this test, our shooters said the Citadel pistol is reliable and handles well. Problems were that it had less accuracy than the other pistols, and its front sight was too gray.

The Zenith Tisas PCS9 looked great, and we felt the grips were the best of the test. Unfortunately, the extractor gave us problems, and the slide-lock safety wasn’t properly fitted.

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Also in the June 2021 issue, we provide the grades and Buy/Don’t Buy ratings for more than 40 more 9mm handguns in an accompanying Value Guide sidebar.

Gun Tests doesn’t accept commercial advertising, so we can offer reviews of firearms without the temptation of going soft on an advertiser’s gun because they pay us. 

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