Range Data

Hornady Custom XTP 38 Special 158-gr.Ruger Bisley VaqueroUberti Cattleman Bisley
Average Velocity852 fps735 fps
Muzzle Energy255 ft.-lbs.189 ft.-lbs.
Average Group1.8 in.1.4 in.
Winchester White Box 38 Special +P 125-gr. JHP
Average Velocity1032 fps1026 fps
Muzzle Energy296 ft.-lbs.292 ft.-lbs.
Average Group1.7 in.1.5 in.
Federal Tactical Hydra-Shok 357 Mag 158-gr. JHP
Average Velocity1385 fps1375 fps
Muzzle Energy673 ft.-lbs.663 ft.-lbs.
Average Group1.9 in.1.5 in.

To collect accuracy data, we fired five-shot groups from a bench using a rest. Distance: 25 yards with open sights. We recorded velocities using a ProChrono digital chronograph with the first screen set 15 feet from the muzzle.


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