Used-Gun Wisdom: Heckler & Koch P7 PSP 9mm


Shooters who are looking to buy one of the better out-of-production guns should search for the Heckler & Koch P7 PSP 9mm.

On Monday Aug. 4, there were 16 listings for the gun, with prices ranging from $0 on a brand-new auction (with reserve) to $1600 for a “buy now” price on Auction # 106162335, due to expire today @ 10:23 p.m.

One gun that stood out was in Auction # 106475012. It was for a P7 with minor wear, with an initial bid of $799. The shooter who bids successfully for that gun will own a piece of history that can still serve as a superb defense gun.

There are 17 comments posted on that extol the gun’s virtues.

Gun Tests magazine covered the HK P7 PSP in the October 2007 issue. That review said, “At the range, we found the HK fed and functioned flawlessly.”

Also, Gun Tests recommended, “Though the H&K P7s are no longer manufactured, they are readily available on the surplus market. These have value both as collectors’ pieces and as personal defense weapons. We advise you get one while you still can.”

To read more about the P7, click here:

To see the P7 auctions on, log on to the site and search for Pistols>P7 PSP. You should get about 18 returns.


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