Benelli Nova Pump 12 Gauge


The only synthetic model in our four-gun selection, the black polymer stock and forearm of the Benelli earned favorable marks from our team. This shotgun is made for rugged, dependable use in harsh conditions. We could find no fault in that design and functioning ability.

Some of the smaller members of our team were slightly uncomfortable with the bulk of the forearm and found the Benelli to be a little muzzle heavy.

With an overall length of 49.25 inches (only the Remington was longer); a barrel length of 28 inches; and an unloaded weight of 6.25 pounds, the Benelli earned good marks for handling ability. The pump action was very smooth and reliable.

A drop at the comb of 1.75 inches and a drop at the heel of 2.5 inches, with a length of pull of 14.25 inches provided a comfortable shooting set up. Trigger pull was slightly heavy at 6.5 pounds, although not out of the ordinary.

Another plus for this model was a set of screw-in chokes (improved cylinder, modified and full) that were easy to install and remove. This asset provides the buyer with the opportunity to put a used shotgun into a wider variety of shooting situations.

The ventilated rib and red-bar front sight offered a quality shot picture and acquisition of targets was very quick and accurate. Target breaks were smooth, solid and consistent — our team handled this shotgun better than the other guns.

During the patterning tests, the Benelli provided a 60-40 pattern (60 percent of the shot below the center and 40 percent above) at 30 yards with the budget Winchester shells, but a 50-50 pattern with the heavy load Federals. In this case, saving money on shells probably is not the best idea.There were no functioning problems at all with the Benelli. Overall, we consider the Benelli a favorite among our used shotguns.


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