February 2018

VALUE GUIDE: Semi-Automatic Rifle Results

ARTICLE:  Bigger ARs: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, & 308 Winchester, December 2017
Heckler & Koch MR762A1 7.62x51mm, $3999 A+ Price and availability were drawbacks, but this rifle was powerful, well made, and fun to shoot.
Alexander Arms Overwatch 6.5 Grendel, $1613 A Balanced, accurate, and well made, the Overwatch is more portable than any AR-10.
Core30 TAC II Rifle 14898 6.5 Creedmoor, $2470 A- An upgrade in power for the precision 3Gun competitor, the Core30 is a first-class match rifle.
ARTICLE: Takedown ARs from DRD, Ruger, Windham: Who Takes the Cake?, August 2016
Windham Weaponry RMCS-4 5.56, 9mm, 300 Blk., 7.62x39, $2971 A- Twice the calibers and was accurate with all four, but the takedown method was more complicated.
ARTICLE: American AK-Mag Variants II: Century, RRA, CMMG Go At It, July 2016
Century Arms C39 V2 RI2245-N 7.62x39, $749 A Worth the money. If you want a unusually well built and good-shooting AK, this is the one to get.
CMMG MK47 AKM Mutant 76AFCD7 7.62x39, $1650 B Took more breaking in than normal, and we expected better accuracy.
Rock River Arms LAR-47 CAR A4 CL AK1263 7.62x39, $1270 D - A The first grade is with open sights. The second grade is with optics and compatible magazines.
Century Arms C39 Sporter RI2170CN 7.62x39, $657 D We wouldn’t buy this rifle with the current trigger. Mediocre accuracy.
ARTICLE:  American-Made AK-47 Rifles Compete, June 2016
Palmetto State Armory AK-47 MOE Edition 7.62x39, $749 A This AK with modern Magpul furniture updated the design; accuracy was acceptable, as was the price.
Century Arms RAS47 Magpul-Zhukov 7.62x39, $800 A The Magpul-Zhukov furniture enhanced the AK design, especially the adjustable stock.
Palmetto State Armory AK-47 Gen2 Classic Red 7.62x39, $849 B+ The Classic Red had beautiful wood furniture, but showed its age in dated ergonomics.
ARTICLE:  DPMS and POF 308 Semi-Autos: Heavy Hitters, or Just Heavy?, February 2016
DPMS LR-308 AP4 7.62x51mm NATO/308 Win., $1399 A- Maneuverable enough to get in and out of pickups, with lots of punch.
Patriot Ordnance Factory P308-20 Gen3 7.62x51mm NATO, $2599 B+ This is a lot of spend for only marginally better accuracy. We do recognize the quality.
ARTICLE: 308 Win. Battle Rifle Shoot Out: Century Arms C91 Vs. PTR-91, June 2015
PTR PTR-91 G.I. 915304 308 Win./7.62 NATO, $850 A- The PTR 91 G.I. is a great rifle. Once broken in, the rifle gave excellent reliability and accuracy.
Century Arms C91 Sporter 308 Win./7.62 NATO, $509 B The Century rifle is worth the money. We traced a few short cycles to problematic magazines.
ARTICLE:  A Bigger Stick: We Test AR-15s In 6.8 SPC from BRC and LWRCI, May 2015
LWRCI M6A2 Gas Piston Carbine
M6A2R6B16 6.8 SPC, $2250
A This is a well-put-together gun with heavy-duty components, but that turns into weight.
Battle Rifle Company BR4 Odin 6.8 SPC, $1495 B This gun required a cleaning to function. It was lighter, which makes it easier to carry.

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