October 12, 2009

New ATI Stock Adjusts for LOP

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Advanced Technology International (ATI) has announced a new adjustable hunting stock which telescopes in four positions from 12-3/8” to 14-3/8” in length of pull.

The stock also incorporates a neoprene cheek rest and recoil-reducing buttpad with non-slip surface, interchangeable grips, and a forend with a non-slip grip.

The new DuPont reinforced polymer shotgun stock and forend fits the 12- and 20-gauge Remington 870, Maverick 88, Winchester 1200/1300 and Mossberg 500/590 models.

New ATI Stock

The adjustable Hunting Stock and Forend is weather proof, has a limited lifetime warranty and is available in Matte Black, Camouflage and ATI’s exclusive DyeHard™ Camo finishes.

MSRP is $79.99.

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