Alabama Gun Laws: Permit Requirements

If you’re looking to obtain a legal firearm in Alabama, here are some facts about the permit process.


Alabama is a shall-issue state with concealed carry permits issued at the county level by the local sheriff’s office. Shall Issue means that as long as a pistol permit/conceal carry permit applicant passes the basic requirements set out by state law, the issuing authority (county sheriff, police department, state police, etc.) is compelled to issue a permit.

Is There a Waiting Period to Buy a Gun in Alabama?

There is no waiting period to purchase firearms, nor is a license needed in Alabama to purchase a firearm.

Who Is Eligible To Obtain a Pistol Permit/Conceal Carry Permit in Alabama?

Any state resident who is at least 18 years of age. Any domestic violence conviction or active warrants for misdemeanor or felony will disqualify you from obtaining a pistol permit.

Is There A Firearms Training Requirement in Alabama?

No. A firearm training course, or otherwise, an ability to demonstrate knowledge of firearms safety prior to issuing a pistol permit/conceal carry permit is not required in Alabama.

What are the requirements to obtain a gun permit in Alabama?

Guidelines to obtain a Alabama gun permit:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be a resident of the county in which you are applying.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be a suitable person to be licensed.
  • Pass a criminal history background check.

What are the steps to obtain a gun permit in Alabama?

Alabama pistol permits/conceal carry permits are issued by the Sheriff in the county where you reside. To find your county Sheriff’s Office go to: There you can download an application or fill a form out online.

Step 1: Obtain an application from local Sheriff’s Office in your county and fill out the form.

Step 2: Submit application to local Sheriff’s Office in your county with fee.

How much does an Alabama gun permit cost?

It costs $20 for a new permit for 1 year, and $20 for a renewal.

Does Alabama Recognize Pistol Permits From Other States?

Yes. Alabama honors all out-of-state conceal carry permits.

Alabama Gun Laws 2022

Is Alabama a Constitutional Carry State?

Yes, as of January 1, 2023, the new constitutional carry law will go into effect allowing anyone who is 21 years old and legally entitled to possess a firearm will not be required to obtain a permit to conceal carry a firearm. A Constitutional Carry state means that the state’s law does not prohibit citizens who can legally possess a firearm from carrying handguns openly and/or in a concealed manner.

Is Alabama an Open Carry State?

Yes, Alabama is an open carry state which means any person at least 18 years old and legally entitled to possess a firearm can open carry.

Is Alabama a Stand Your Ground State?

Yes. Alabama is a Castle Doctrine state. You are allowed to stand your ground and you do not have the duty to retreat, as long as you are in a place where you have the right to be and are not engaged in unlawful activity.

Are AR-Style and Other Semi-Auto Rifles Legal in Alabama?

Yes. In Alabama there are no state laws that define or regulate semi-auto rifles.

Are Standard-Capacity Magazines Allowed in Alabama?

Yes. In Alabama there are no state laws that define or regulate magazines.

What Are Alabama Gun Storage Laws?

In Alabama there are no laws requiring someone to secure a firearm or be stored in a certain way.

Is Alabama a Red Flag State?

No. The state does not have Red Flag laws, otherwise known as Risk Warrant or Risk Protection Order statutes, which allow authorities to remove firearms from a person’s possession under certain circumstances.

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