August 24, 2009

Gun Tests Test Inventory Available for Purchase: August 24, 2009

Gun Tests magazine ( is a sister publication to the Gun Reports website.

Houston-based B.A. Brooks Sports is a Federal Firearms License dealer who supplies firearms for Gun Tests evaluations. B.A. Brooks Sports sometimes has guns acquired for Gun Tests evaluation that readers might want to purchase. The following list describes those firearms and accessories.

B.A. Brooks Sports is solely responsible for any firearms transactions, and there is no set update frequency of the inventory list. To ensure you receive notification of updated inventory lists when test guns become available, we suggest you set up an RSS feed for this site.

All interstate sales require FFL-to-FFL transfers and local NICS checks.

Unless otherwise noted, the goods are in at least Excellent resale condition, and in many cases they are Like New.

Most of the products have their original packaging and warranties or warranty cards enclosed.

In almost all cases, the magazine article about each gun recounts all the rounds shot through the guns. B.A. Brooks Sports won't sell products that were defective in Gun Tests evaluations.

We don't always get great deals on test guns, so we can't always offer you a great price. IF YOU CAN BUY A GUN CHEAPER ELSEWHERE, GO FOR IT.

Once you receive the product, the magazine will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs from use.

All sales are final.

There is generally only one test item for sale, so these products are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you're buying a gun, at some point B.A. Brooks Sports will ask you to send a copy of a signed Federal Firearms License from a license holder in your area. B.A. Brooks Sports will contact the dealer to ensure shipping the firearm to him is acceptable, and that local firearms laws and federal checks will be performed, where necessary.

You will be responsible for any handling and log-in fees the receiving FFL holder charges, local sales tax, and local/state/federal gun-law checks.

Kel-Tec Model P32PK semi-auto pistol

KEL-TEC Model P32PK semi-auto Pistol, .32ACP, 2.68” Blued Steel Barrel, Parkerized Steel Slide with rear serrations, Black Polymer Frame with integral grips, Double Action Only trigger, one Mecgar 7-round magazine with Kel-Tec Base Pad, Kel-Tec Pistol rug.

Gun Tests Issue Review: May 2008
Gun Tests Grade: A-
Price: $315

BERETTA USAModel PX4 STORM F (Product JXF5F25) semi-auto Pistol, 45ACP, 4.1” barrel, Bruniton coated Black Steel Slide with front/rear serrations, Matte Black Polymer Frame with integral accessory rail and three interchangeable Backstraps, “F” designation means single/double action with ambidextrous manual slide mounted safety with hammer decocking function, white dot sights, one 9-round magazine and one 10-round magazine.

Gun Tests Issue Review: June 2009
Gun Tests Grade: B
Price: $625

CZ-USA Model 97BD (Product 01046) semi-auto Pistol, .45ACP, 4.8” barrel, Blued Steel Slide with front/rear serrations and Loaded Chamber Indicator, Black Polycoat Steel Frame with Decocker lever and extended Beavertail, three dot Night Sights, two 10-round Magazines, Black Rubber grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: June 2009
Gun Tests Grade: A-
Price: $645

CZ-USA Model P-07 DUTY (product 91186) semi-auto Pistol, 9mm, 3.7” barrel, Matte Black Steel Slide with rear serrations, Back Polycoat Polymer Frame with integral grip, Combat Trigger Guard, integral Picatinny Rail, extended static Beavertail, Omega Trigger System, fixed white outline rear sight and white post front sight, 16-round magazine.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Aug 2009
Gun Tests Grade: B/B+
Price: $465

RUGER Model LCR Lightweight Compact Revolver (product 5401 LCR) double action Revolver, .38special +P, 1.9” steel barrel, Black coated Aluminum Frame with Stainless Steel Fluted 5-shot Cylinder, Black Polymer fire control housing with Black Hogue Rubber Grip.

Gun Tests Issue Review: July 2009
Gun Tests Grade: A-
Price: $495

Kimber Model SIS ULTRA (3000173) semi-auto Pistol, 45 ACP

KIMBER Model SIS ULTRA (3000173) semi-auto Pistol, 45 ACP, 3” Match Grade Steel Bull Barrel, KimPro Gray Coated Stainless Steel Slide with “SIS” rear serrations, KimPro Gray Coated Stainless Steel Rounded Frame, SIS Night Sights Tritium 3-dot, Kimber Laminated Black Wood Custom grips, Three KIMPRO 7-round Stainless Steel magazines with Black Plastic Floorplates.

Gun Tests Issue Review: August 2008
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $1,125

MOSSBERG INTERNATIONAL Model ONYX RESERVE SPORTING (75431) over/under Shotgun (from Turkey), 12 gauge, 28” blued and ported barrels with ventilated rib, onyx black receiver with engraving, mid-barrel bead and front bead, Walnut Pistol grip Stock and forearm, set of five chokes and wrench.

Gun Tests Issue Review: October 2008
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $645

REMINGTON Model SPR310 SPORTING (89570) over/under Shotgun (from Russia), 12 gauge, 29.5” blued and ported barrels with ventilated rib, nickel receiver with engraved clay targets, mid-barrel bead and front bead, dark walnut pistol grip stock and forearm, set of four chokes and wrench.

Gun Tests Issue Review: October 2008
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $695

SIG SAUER Model P229 (E29R-40-SCT) Double Action/Single Action semi-auto Pistol, .40S&W, 3.9” Steel Barrel, Black Stainless Slide with front/rear serrations, Black NITRON Alloy Frame with Integral Picatinny Rail, Decocking Lever, Combat Trigger, , TRUGLO TFO Front Sight and SIGLITE 2-Dot Rear Sights, Four Super Capacity 12-round Sig Sauer magazines with Black Polymer base pads, and Black Polymer SIG Grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Being Tested
Price: $975

SIG SAUER Model P220-SAS CARRY (220R3-45-SAS) semi-auto Pistol, .45ACP, 3.9” Steel Barrel, Two-Tone Finish including Natural Stainless De-Horned Slide with Rear serrations, Black Anodized Alloy Frame, SIG-Sauer DAK Trigger, Tactical Trigger Guard, SIGLITE Dot Front Sight and Sig Contrast Rear Sight, Two 8-round Sig Sauer magazines with Black Polymer base pads, Sig Sauer Custom Shop Wood Grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: January 2009
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $955

SIG SAUER Model P239 (239R-40-BSS) Double Action/Single Action semi-auto Pistol,, 40 S&W, 3.6” Steel Barrel, Black Stainless Slide with rear serrations and abbreviated hammer, Black Annodized Alloy Frame, Decocking Lever, Rounded Trigger Guard, SIGLITE 3-Dot Sights, two 7-round Sig Sauer magazines with Black Polymer Finger Groove base pads, and Black Polymer SIG Grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Being Tested
Price: $875

SIG SAUER Model P250 COMPACT (2509205) Double Action Only semi-auto Pistol 9mm, 3.8” Steel Barrel, Two-Tone Finish including Black Nitron Slide with Rear Serrations, Internal Steel Frame with Dark Earth Polymer Grip Shell (Medium) and Integral Picatinny Rail, Tuned DAO Trigger, Ambidextrous Thumb Safety, SIGLITE 3-Dot Night Sights, one 15-round Sig Sauer magazine with Black Polymer base pad.

Gun Tests Issue Review: August 2009
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $695

SMITH & WESSON Model 327NG NIGHT GUARD (Product code 163422) double-action 8-shot Revolver, .357 Magnum, 2.5” shrouded Stainless Steel barrel, Matte Black Scandium alloy frame with Internal Lock Mechanism (with 2 keys), 8-shot Black Stainless PVD Cylinder, XS Sight 24/7 Standard Dot Tritium front sight, Cylinder & Slide Extreme Duty Fixed rear sight, Combat Hammer, Black Pachmayr Compac Custom grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Jan 2009
Gun Tests Grade: C+
Price: $895

SMITH & WESSON Model 431PD AIRWEIGHT (Product code 163664) double-action 6-shot Revolver, .32H&R Magnum, 1.85” shrouded Steel barrel, matte black aluminum alloy frame with Internal Lock Mechanism (with 2 keys), black serrated ramp front sight, integral rear sight, Combat Hammer, Black Rubber finger groove grips.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Oct 2008
Gun Tests Grade: B+
Price: $495

SMITH & WESSON Model 442 (product 150544) double action only 5-shot Revolver, 38 Special +P, 1-7/8” barrel, Matte Black Aluminum Frame, integral notched rear sight and serrated ramp front sight, Black Rubber grips with finger grooves.

Gun Tests Issue Review: July 2009
Gun Tests Grade: B
Price: $485

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model 1911-A1 OPERATOR (PC9105MLP) semi-automatic Pistol, .45ACP, 5” Stainless Steel Match Barrel and Bushing, Black ARMORY KOTE Steel Slide with front/rear serrations, Loaded Chamber Indicator, Olive Drab ARMORY KOTE Steel Frame with integral Light Rail, Funneled Mag Well, High Hand Beavertail Grip Safety, Ambi-Thumb Safety, Combat Trigger, Polished Feed Ramp, Full length Guide Rod, Adjustable Tritium Night Sights, Fully checkered Black Main Spring Housing, two 7-round Black Steel Magazines, Pachmayr Black Rubber wrap-around Grips, Springfield Holster and two-magazine holder.

Gun Tests Issue Review: Feb 2008
Price: $1075

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model XDM-40 PRO CARRY (XD9302HCSP06) semi-auto Bi-Tone Pistol, .40 S&W, 4.0” National Match Grade Barrel, Matte Stainless Steel Slide with front/rear serrations, Black Polymer Frame with integral Accessory Rail, Combat Trigger Guard, Extended Magazine Release, Springfield Custom Target Rear Sight, Trijicon Dot Front Sight, XD Combat Action Job on the Trigger, three12-round Magazines with Springfield Base Pads, with XD Package (Holster with Accessory Rail, Two Magazine Pouch with accessory Rail, and “Pistol Grip” Mag Loader).

Gun Tests Issue Review: Jan 2009
Gun Tests Grade: A-
Price: $895


EDITORS SPECIALS: From our Personal Inventory

ANSCHÜTZ Model 1813L Super Match LEFT HAND Single Shot Bolt Action Olympic Rifle, .22LR, top of the line Competition Model with sophisticated adjustable Cheekpiece, Buttplate, Trigger, Pistol Grip, and Palm Rest. Super Match 54 Action, Stippled Walnut Stock with Thumbhole Grip. Manufactured in the 1979 -88 era when this model held ALL of the Olympic and World Records. Package deal comes with too many accessories to list here, including an Aluminum Shipping/carrying Case. $2,750.

SPRINGFIELD Model 1911-A1 (PX9151L) semi-automatic Pistol, 5.0” Stainless Steel Barrel with Bushing and Full length Guide Rod, Buffed Stainless Steel Slide with front/rear serrations, NOVAK Lo-Mount three White Dot Sights, Buffed/Matte Stainless Steel Frame, Ambi-Thumb Safety, Match type Trigger, Patented I.L.S. (Integrated Locking System) with key, Full Beavertail Grip Safety, two 7-round magazines, Hardwood Checkered Grips with Springfield Logo. $735

STI 2011 Frame Kit containing one Steel Non-Ramped Frame with Integrated Polymer STI Grip, Match Type Trigger Guard, and Mag Well, with Match trigger. This is a Frame Kit Only, ready for your individual completion of a Match/Carry/Tactical Pistol. $395

WALTHER Model GSP semi-auto TARGET STANDARD Pistol, .32 S&W Long Wadcutter, 4-1/4” target barrel, matte blued steel upper assembly with interchangeable post front sight and Walther quality international blade rear sight (adjustable for both windage and elevation) that has interchangeable blades, matte black alloy frame with 1360 gram (3 lb.) competition trigger assembly, adjustable hardwood grip for right hand and two 5-round magazines. Comes with screw-on brass catcher, spare trigger blades, original test target and manual, and “briefcase” style locking case with key. (Total value of over $1,495) $895


Contact GUN TESTS Product Coordinating Editor Ben Brooks at 713-822-5554 (please leave a message if no answer), or by email:

NOTE: All transactions are handled by B.A. BROOKS SPORTS in coordination with your local firearms dealer (FFL Licensee), and will comply with federal and/or state regulations as they may apply. SOME STATES RESTRICT CERTAIN MODELS OF FIREARMS.

Comments (22)

What I don't understand why the .22mag is not rated and tested more for carry & self defence? All guns rely on ammo to get the job done, ammo makers need to look at the .22mag and get busy!!Quality .22mag pistols are only one, several revolvers avaiable from SW/Tarus! 8 shoot, .22mag, rev., fixed sight, would make for easy carry in lite weight materials!! Beter with twin cylinders for .22lr makes cheap pratice to lear your gun and get gun at hitting with it!! What about the .32NAA, who has test that cartridge??? Be nice it barrel swap for kel-tec pistols would be nice!!!

Posted by: mplumber1946 | January 6, 2012 5:07 AM    Report this comment

DPX are good rounds. I keep some in a handy .357. However, based on many, many tests the MAGSAFE frangible beats every other round tested at the time of the Strausburg Goat Tests.

Posted by: Marine56 | September 24, 2009 10:24 PM    Report this comment

I bought the Springfield XD 40 shortly after they first came out. I was very happy with the accuracy, handling, and loved all the goodies it came with. Then much to my dismay (joking) Springfield came out with the XDM 40. I couldn't help after reading many articles, to sell the XD and upgrade. Couple hundred bucks more for a match-grade barrel, 16+1 cap over 12+1, 3 sizes of changeable backstraps, better groups, and all the same goodies, only a better mag holder. I'm very impressed and so is everyone else that handles it.

Posted by: RUSS KELSEY | April 4, 2009 11:16 PM    Report this comment

Interchangeable handgrips are a nice feature. For the most part, it appears that I'm prejudice towards polymer framed pistols. I do not like they way they feel in my hand. I've checked out the Springfield XDM Line, Ruger SR9, Sig P250 and some Glocks but didn't like the way they felt. I want to go with a polymer for backup (possibly G30SF worn at ankle level). In 2006, I walked into a Gun Show being held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I didn't know one hand gun from another. I went around to all the booths and inspected everything offered. At the end of the day, I stumbled across a Sig Sauer Stainless Steel P226, liked how it felt in my hand and was pleased with the craftsmanship. I asked the dealer for the price and then asked if Sig had a good reputation in regards to quality. The dealer gave me a funny look and stated; Sig Sauer is one of the best gun manufacturers out there. Well, now I have a collection of Sigs in various calibers. Sometimes it's probably favorable not to have pre-existing notions. Let’s see if I can move past this polymer thing.

Posted by: JWallace | March 6, 2009 12:16 PM    Report this comment

Jeff W, your going to make me say it, I have small hands. I love my P225, the P226&P229 are to fat for me, great guns though. That is why my favorite handgun is my H&K P7M8, narrow grip, fits my hand perfect, and a great shooter. Its a good idea these manufacturers are coming out with these new handguns with various grip sizes, that way you and I could dig the same gun.

Posted by: Robert J | March 5, 2009 10:24 AM    Report this comment

Robert, Re: fat grips - I prefer my Sig P226 over my P220 because the P226 fills my hand perfectly. I wanted to check out an FNH FNP-45 for that reason. I'm thinking P226 .357 for my main carry and possibly G-30 SF in a Galco ankle holster for backup. I carry a Taurus Total Titanium .357 Tracker Revolver when hiking in the wilderness. I picked up the tracker for protection against mountain lions when hiking in Colorado and Utah.

Posted by: JWallace | March 4, 2009 9:32 PM    Report this comment

I haven't heard anyone mention a Sig P225 in a long time, great shooter, narrow grip, new Sig have too fat of a grip. BTW I carry a H&K USP Compact in .40 cal, S&W 642 5 shot hammerless .38 cal. for backup. With the new bullets that are out, such as the DPX, smaller calibers have better results than they did in the past.

Posted by: Robert J | March 3, 2009 9:57 AM    Report this comment

Jeff -

...I wouldn't carry a smaller caliber firearm if you have to worry about specific shot placement...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on all points. My primary sidearm is a Glock M36 in .45 ACP. My backup is a Kel-Tec P3AT in .380 ACP. My wife's is a Sig P225 in 9mm. All are loaded with DPX.

I freely and gratefully admit that I have no personal experience with the stopping power of any of these rounds, and I hope it stays that way. I rely on the experience of others, and hope that they're right.

Posted by: Gaviota | March 1, 2009 7:33 PM    Report this comment

Gaviota, you stopped short of informing us of which round you favor. Is it .380, 9mm, .357 Mag, or .45 ACP? Physically speaking, the combination of speed and power has worked well for me. Given that information, you know my favorite caliber. I wouldn't carry a smaller caliber firearm if you have to worry about specific shot placement. The average person is going to experience some nervousness if they have to draw, therefore, you would want a caliber that offers good penetration as well as stopping power when aimed at center mass.

Posted by: JWallace | March 1, 2009 11:46 AM    Report this comment

Sign me up

Posted by: ladyvolfan | February 28, 2009 8:45 PM    Report this comment

oreillydoc1 Go to the home page and scroll to the bottom and they give you an address to contact Gun Reports and they can handle the problem.

Posted by: texasqtrhorse | February 26, 2009 9:13 PM    Report this comment

The comment regarding using a .22 rimfire for concealed carry doesn't merit a response. Just don't do it.

Randall- At no time has stopping power ever been measured by shooting at 2x4s. No one wants to be on the business end of a bullet, regardless of caliber, but some technical information here will help you make an intelligent choice.

The most accurate measure of stopping power is analysis of police shootings. This only measures stopping power of police ammunition, though, and is of little value for other rounds.

Second most accurate measure is the evaluation of tests on live animals. The Army used goats and pigs. Both rifle and pistol ammunition was tested, but because the pistol ammo was all FMJ round-nose ball, it turned out to be pretty ineffective.

Third most accurate test involves covering a block of ballistic gelatin with denim and leather, simulating a human torso in clothing. This actually is a pretty good predictor of hollowpoint performance against a perp in jeans and a leather jacket. The only HP to pass these tests so far is the Cor-Bon DPX. Every other HP got plugged up with the clothes and acted like a FMJ, didn't expand, and overpenetrated.

If you'd like further information, contact John Farnam at Defense Training International. He conducted the ballistic gel tests.

Posted by: Gaviota | February 26, 2009 10:27 AM    Report this comment

.32 ACP stopping power, I would suggest you go to your local outdoor range and construct a target holding a 2 inch piece of pine or simlular hard wood. Take your shot at self defense distance, 7-10 yards and observe. Like me, you should be surprised at what you'll see. So, is the .32ACP effective as self defense round, I would not want to be on the business end of the firearm shooting it.

Posted by: Randall S | February 26, 2009 9:13 AM    Report this comment

Gotta wade in on the .32 ACP. It's far better than nothing, easily concealable, easily controlled, and less probable to penetrate a couple walls than most other calibers. I carry a .22 Phoenix Arms s/a and think I'm very well protected, because it hits where I aim it. If you are confident with a .32 ACP, after hundreds of rounds at the range, and can hit what you aim at, then feel safe carrying it. I used to carry a .45 ACP. It was heavy, bulky and tough to conceal. It hit what I aimed at every time. I just got tired of carrying bulk. My .22 hollow points do wonders on thin skinned game. One to the body, one to the head. This even works on jack rabbits.

Posted by: AZErnie | November 28, 2008 4:21 PM    Report this comment

Tex: All due respect, but unless hollowpoints cause feeding problems, a FMJ bullet would not be my first choice. All my carry sidearms are loaded with Cor-Bon DPX hollowpoints, which according to my experience and research, are THE VERY BEST in self-defense ammo. I don't carry a .32, so I don't know if DPX ammo is available in that caliber, but it is available in .380, 9mm, .357 Mag, and .45 ACP. DPX's perfomance against flesh, bone, leather, and denim is unparalleled.

Good luck, Mr. Cole. A .32 is better than a baseball bat, but there are many, many better choices out there.

Posted by: Gaviota | November 25, 2008 6:06 PM    Report this comment

regarding stopping power...of course 45acp is better choice....but...I wouldn't want to be in front of the lowly .32...ever....peace

Posted by: leetrav | November 25, 2008 5:11 PM    Report this comment

I would be most interested in a report on the new wave of Piston operated AR,s. At the very least a testing of the various after market conversion kits and what forearms that would fit them.

Posted by: Patriot-1 | November 24, 2008 12:07 AM    Report this comment

Well...these prices are decent...but I have seen many of these guns cheeper on

Posted by: Geometric1 | November 12, 2008 11:15 AM    Report this comment

bullet placement is always no.1, but opt for atleast the .380 since its the same size, and with new ammo out there for the .380,more bang.

Posted by: dente687 | November 12, 2008 9:13 AM    Report this comment

I carry an NAA .32 most times, and add a Kel TEC 40 to it when I'm in the city. I feel well protected with the 40, and feel that the 32 with good HP's is better than going without. Its not my first choice, but its most always with me.

Posted by: spike723 | November 6, 2008 6:27 PM    Report this comment

I have a Beretta Tomcat with Crimson Trace Grips and is loaded with Hollow Points. You have 6 shots and the red laser dot does work.What I like is that it does have a safety .

Posted by: kizmazz | November 6, 2008 8:07 AM    Report this comment

I like those compact .32s but I'm leery of loss of stopping power. Is the .32 any good for home defense or carry?

Posted by: TCole | October 29, 2008 7:35 AM    Report this comment

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