November 2, 2009

Eleven Members/Associates of Ummah Charged with Federal Violations, One Subject Fatally Shot During Arrest

DETROIT--A federal complaint unsealed last week charges Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a.k.a.Christopher Thomas, and 10 others with conspiracy to commit several federal crimes, including theft from interstate shipments, mail fraud to obtain the proceeds of arson, illegal possession and sale of firearms, and tampering with motor vehicle identification numbers. The eleven defendants are members of a group that is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years, and known to be armed.

Members of the group were charged with a range of firearms-related violations, including Providing Firearms or Ammunition to a Person Known to be a Convicted Felon, Possession of Body Armor by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony, and Possession of Firearms or Ammunition by a Convicted Felon.

In light of the information that the charged individuals were believed to be armed and dangerous, special safeguards were employed by law enforcement to secure the arrests without confrontation. During the arrests, the suspects were ordered to surrender. At one location, four suspects surrendered and were arrested without incident.

Luqman Ameen Abdullah did not surrender and fired his weapon. An exchange of gun fire followed and Abdullah was killed. An FBI canine was also killed during the exchange.

Abdullah was the leader of part of a group which calls themselves Ummah (“the brotherhood”), a group of mostly African-American converts to Islam, which seeks to establish a separate Sharia-law governed state within the United States. The Ummah is ruled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rapp Brown, who is serving a state sentence in USP Florence, CO, ADMAX, for the murder of two police officers in Georgia.

As detailed in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint that was unsealed today, Abdullah has espoused the use of violence against law enforcement, and has trained members of his group in use of firearms and martial arts in anticipation of some type of action against the government. Abdullah and other members of this group were known to carry firearms and other weapons.

The 11 individuals charged include:

Luqman Abdullah (aka Christopher Thomas), age 53, of Detroit, Michigan.
Mohammad Abdul Salaam (aka Gregory Stone), age 45, of Detroit, Michigan.
Abdullah Beard (aka Detric Lamont Driver), age 37, of Detroit, Michigan.
Abdul Saboor (aka Dwayne Edward Davis), age 37, of Detroit, Michigan.
Mujahid Carswell (aka Mujahid Abdullah), age 30, of Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.
Adam Ibraheem, age 38, of Detroit, Michigan.
Gary Laverne Porter (aka Mujahid LNU), age 59 of Detroit, Michigan.
Ali Abdul Raqib, age 57, of Detroit, Michigan.
Mohammad Alsahi (aka Mohammad Palestine), age 33, of Ontario, Canada.
Yassir Ali Khan, age 30, of Ontario, Canada and Warren, Michigan.
Mohammad Abdul Bassir (aka Frankin D. Roosevelt Williams, age 50 , of Ojibway Correctional Facility.)

At the time of this release, Mujahid Carswell, Mohammad Alsahi and Yassir Ali Khan were still at large. Anyone with information regarding the location of these individuals should contact the FBI at (313) 965-2323.

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Luqman Ameen Abdullah should have spent less time shooting at paper targets and more time working on tactical maneuvers. I'm willing to bet he was in the prone position and fired upon the LEOs like he was aiming at those paper targets. He should have fired and moved to draw out the opposing force. Oh well, I don't think we'll miss him. Law enforcement most likely used the convicted felon as an excuse to rush in and take down the anti-government group. The convicted felon could have been found guilty of driving while intoxicated for the third time and never comitted an act of violence in his life.

Posted by: JWallace | November 4, 2009 12:30 AM    Report this comment

Damned lunatic radicalized Lutheran Crusaders.


They're not Lutherans?

Oh. Nevermind.


Posted by: Lee W | November 2, 2009 11:08 PM    Report this comment

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