June 30, 2009

Remington Arms Company Inc. COO Receives Business Recognition

MADISON, NC -- Joseph Gross, Chief Operating Officer of Remington Arms Company Inc., was recently honored in a special ceremony sponsored by the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce.

Gross received special recognition from the Herkimer County Legislature and the state Assembly and Senate for fostering local and state relationships that resulted in Herkimer County’s largest employer adding more than 100 employees at a time when other companies are struggling to maintain a vibrant workforce.

“The people of the Mohawk Valley should be proud of the hard-working workforce that calls this region home and the product they produce,” said Gross. “The company has been manufacturing the same product for 193 years. That is a record that can not be matched by any other manufacturer in the United States. More importantly, that record shows that high volume manufacturing in the United States is possible.”

Joseph Gross, COO, Remington Arms

Joseph Gross, COO, Remington Arms

“Joe has worked tirelessly with local, state and Federal leaders to ensure continual growth and prosperity at our Ilion facility,” stated Ted Torbeck, CEO Remington Arms Company Inc., and Freedom Group, Inc. “This special recognition clearly demonstrates Joe’s commitment to Remington, its employees and the people of the Mohawk Valley.”

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