January 26, 2010

Youngstown Installs ShotSpotter System

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- ShotSpotter, Inc., which develops gunshot location systems, has announced that the City of Youngstown and the Youngstown Police Department will employ the ShotSpotter Wireless Gunshot Location System - Stationary Array (WGLS-SA) as its latest tool to track, target, and deter gun crime.

The technology is being funded via a $530,000 federal grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and will detect, locate, and track firearm discharges over a two-mile coverage area within the city.

“Using the ShotSpotter GLS to detect and track gunfire will add critical, actionable information to our current community policing efforts. This technology will help us improve our neighborhood presence and reduce response time; ultimately showing criminals that response to gunfire will not be tolerated and will be swiftly dealt with,” said Police Chief Jimmy Hughes.


The ShotSpotter GLS detects, classifies, locates, and alerts first responders to gunfire and other explosive events in near real-time. Each event is logged into a historical database for strategic and tactical crime analysis that reveals crime trends, patterns, and hot spots within a coverage area.

In 2009 Youngstown Police Officers responded to 1,444 gunfire calls. In the same year the city experienced 23 homicides, the majority which involved firearms.

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