May 12, 2010

iPhone Gun Disassembly App Review Goes Political

( -- A straightforward review of an iPhone application on has turned into a contentious back-and-forth between gun owners and gun haters.

In just a few posts, the online battle illustrates how the larger political battle over gun rights is fought in the public square.

The review is headlined, “'Gun Disassembly 3D' Review — Second Amendment, Meet the App Store." Written by Peter Lettieri, it’s a discussion of a 99-cent iPhone game or puzzle. Lettieri writes, “Less of a game and more of a demonstration of each and every working part in 5 different handguns, Gun Disassembly is a technical app with an extraordinary amount of detail in both the included weapon models and their many animated parts.”

iPhone Gun Disassembly App

And then, “To begin, there are two handguns to choose from, the Colt 1911 and Glock 17. Selecting one of these enables you to view a complete demonstration of the gun being completely disassembled and then re-assembled. The demonstration and the game component itself is set around a 3D model of the weapon, with the camera able to zoom and pan around various components. The demo runs through the correct steps (complete with full animation of even the smallest screws being removed) and the game mode then has you replicating these steps to achieve the best time score possible.”

Lettieri closes with, “Though it is promoted as a game, Gun Disassembly 3D is nonetheless a technical app with very limited appeal. That didn't stop it from piquing at our curiosity however, as it can be quite a singular experience to see a firearm like this being taken apart before your very eyes, let alone being able to go about it yourself.”

But in the comments section below the review, the tone quickly shifts into a 2nd Amendment slamdown. "Mac", one of the first commenters, writes, “Good writeup. I hope more guns are added to the app. Oh and I hope this article doesn't scare any wimpy paranoid liberals.”

Then a commenter named "Moist" rejoins, “I dont know of a single "wimpy liberal" who is against the 2nd amendment. Where do you guys get this crap. And why start a political fight right off the top? Couldnt you just comment on the app?”

Later, poster "JCat" writes, “Well of course how to assemble a gun puzzle-like game is way approved over nudity in our country. I mean, after all, it so unsafe for our children to see a man/women in their most natural state, so we'll just teach to kill 'em instead.”

Many of the gun-hating comments reflect the tone of "menom’s" posts, which include, “Everyone is a responsible gun owner… until they go nuts. “A person going nuts without a gun is less of a problem than one with a gun. If everyone has the right to bear arms you end up with a country with multiple news stories of people going nuts, followed by gun-toting killing sprees. maybe this sounds familiar to you?”

And this bit of wisdom from "Hieronimus": I find the subject matter of the app repulsive. I see its technical excellence and consider a great idea the possibilities of technical puzzles, but personally i find creepy this gun fetish too.”

Lettieri tries to bring the thread back to the app review by writing, “We aren't pushing a political stance at all here, because well– I'm not even American! I'm from Australia where all these weapons are strictly banned and I'm more than happy for them to stay that way. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the technical and artistic credibility of this app….”

To read the review and the comments, click here.

To look at the iTunes preview of Viacheslav Klimov’s Gun Disassembly 3D app, click here.

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At one time I was utterly befuddled at how people could say you have no right to defend yourself. It dawned on me that it is simply bare faced rudeness. Historically, many societies lived the same way. It's as if the leadership is saying, "it's just too bad if someone attacks you and yours." It is better to sacrifice some of the parts for the sake of the whole -- despite the fact that stats show it is better for the whole society to possess firearms. The present agenda about control.

Posted by: tovlogos | May 13, 2010 9:10 PM    Report this comment

Well said Gav!

Posted by: PVB | May 13, 2010 8:36 PM    Report this comment

As someone much wiser than I once pointed out to me: What did we have before there were firearms? We called it Feudalism, gangs of armored men carving out "territory" for themselves, looting and killing at will, enslaving the disarmed peasants, forcing their serfs to work without pay on the collective farm on starvation rations, while the armored men congratulated themselves on their "chivalry" for doing it.

In modern cities today, we call it gang-banging, armed gangs carving out "territory" for themselves, looting and killing at will, forcing the disarmed residents to cower in terror and give up their hard-earned money and property, and even their lives, while the gang members congratulate themselves on their machismo for doing it.

When guns are banned, the young, strong, and brutal rule. It's as true now as it was a thousand years ago.


Posted by: Lee W | May 13, 2010 7:52 PM    Report this comment

In China, they are having a problem with attacks in schools, and children are being killed - with butcher knives.

Posted by: PVB | May 13, 2010 7:24 PM    Report this comment

Gun anti's need to realize that if guns evaporated off the earth tomorrow, someone who wanted to kill them would just go to the kitchen for a butcher knife, or the garage for sledgehammer or baseball bat. On and on down to bashing them with a rock. So, will they out law paring knives, sticks and rocks? They're all stupid - yeah, I said that 'out loud'. Tough.

Posted by: david b | May 13, 2010 4:24 PM    Report this comment

I know! why don't we outlaw murder, if we just pass a law stating murder is illegal then we won't have any, Right? OH WAIT we already do and it doesn't stop people from committing it. When will people wake up and realize that banning something won't stop someone hell bent on committing a crime. We already have enough laws on the books, just enforce them!

Posted by: MICHAEL G | May 13, 2010 3:07 PM    Report this comment

And so what happens to the still sane and responsible people when the insane decides to go on a shooting rampage with an illegally obtained weapon? How does a "gun ban" protect them? Anyone who is for a ban on guns is a MORON. Criminals will not follow a new ban any more than they will the hundreds of gun regulating laws already passed and on the books. The only way to protect oneself and one's family is to be armed to match and/or repel an attack by an armed criminal. Let any of these MORONS see a unarmed family member gunned down and they WILL wish they'd been armed and in a position to protect. Rant off.

Posted by: Wade P | May 13, 2010 2:01 PM    Report this comment

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