Which Window Stickers Scream ‘Gun Inside’ to Car Burglars?


Sergeant T. Parkerson of the Houston Police Department recently passed along some advice about reducing the risk of your vehicle being broken into by burglars.

car window stickers

Sergeant Parkerson posted on the Nextdoor.com app (may require log in), “Burglary of Motor Vehicle suspects were recently caught breaking into vehicles in what they considered to be an upper-scale apartment complex. Their objective was to locate and steal guns from vehicles they identified on the property. Their method for choosing which vehicles they would break into was to simply locate any vehicle on the property that had some form of Law Enforcement, Fire Department, or Military-style decal on it. From their experience, they [the suspects] have learned that these vehicles would have a higher probability of having a weapon in it that they could then steal.”

A word to the wise. — Todd Woodard, Editor, Gun Tests Magazine


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