Holster Buying Guide


Discover today’s smartest choices in concealed carry holsters.

Let Gun Tests’ editors show you the holsters that are tops for comfort, speed, and security.

As most gun owners know, you have to have a suitable handgun for personal defense – one that fits your hand, is reliable and effective, and that fits your needs. The same is true of a holster.

In the Holster Buying Guide, you’ll discover…

  • an $85 pancake-style OWB that flattened the competition in speed
  • an all-leather paddle holster that’ unmatched for comfort.
  • a $50 single loop IWB that has great fit and needs no break-in.
  • the one shoulder rig that handles heavy pistols without stretch or sag
  • a versatile IWB designed to easily adjust to your different carry guns

In this new guide, you’ll meet the holsters that are our nominees in the best supporting category—those holsters that offer the superior concealment and extended comfort all-day carry demands.

In this guide we cover dozens of holsters to see if they sag on the belt, ride tight against the body, present the proper grip angle for rapid presentation from concealment, and are well made and durable.

You’ll find IWB, OWB, shoulder rig, and other holster styles. The guide looks at holsters made of rugged, low-friction high-tech Kydek…and scores of offerings in leather, horsehide, and sharkskin, and more.

Looking for an IWB that won’t weigh down you or your wallet?

Go to page 25 for an $80 gem that’s brilliantly fast into action with a design that assures comfort. How about an OWB cross-draw with outstanding speed and retention? (See page 8). Or turn to page 29 for the most concealable belt slide holster we found—and a $60 Best Buy too!

The Guide rates and reviews more than 65 holsters from over 40 makers including Ted Blocker, Milt Sparks, SwapRig, Galco, and Hopp Custom.
The guide will introduce you to the best in IWB/OWB holsters, small-of-the-back holsters, wallet holsters, ankle holsters and more. You’ll find cool choices for hot-weather carry…easy-on-easy-off paddle holsters…and a unique design that’s even better than a thumb break for security.

When it comes to concealed carry today, there’s no room for compromise. This new guide will help you find the holsters that fit your guns and your demands.

Please note: This is a downloadable e-book.