380 ACP Pistols & Gear, Part I


Looking for an everyday carry that won’t weigh you down—or let you down?

Let Gun Tests’ editors show you today’s top on-target choices in 380 ACP pistols.

For shooters who want concealed carry to be second nature, the first choice is increasingly a 380 ACP pistol. Most 380s are suitable for pocket carry with the small size and weight you want and with the deterring firepower you need.

In Top 380 ACP Pistols and Gear, Part I, you’ll discover…

  • a 10 oz. DAO that’s snag-free and laser-equipped
  • a fast-shooting DA/SA pistol that feeds, fires, and ejects perfectly
  • an easy-shooting 6+1 blowback semi-auto with1911-style controls
  • a $379 DAO with solid accuracy and a lifetime warranty
  • a 13+1 pistol with simple take-down and upscale workmanship

The book includes complete specs, full-color photos, and range test results for guns from Ruger, CZ, Walther, Beretta, Sig Sauer, S&W, and more.

In Top 380 ACP Pistols and Gear, Part I, the editor’s spotlight twelve 380 ACP pistols that bring together reliability, accuracy, and punch. These are guns that you will carry with confidence and comfort.

The 380’s uncomplicated design underpins its trustworthy performance. Accuracy? The guns we’ve selected regularly shoot sub-2″ groups at 15 yards with open sights. And with today’s hotter JHP loads, the 380 ACP is an effective self-defense cartridge.

In Top 380 ACP Pistols and Gear: Part I, you’ll meet guns with factory-fitted laser sights that make it easy to shoot from the ground. You’ll discover two high-capacity DA/SA 380s with reassuring accuracy. And you’ll find a 380 that combines the ergonomics of a ‘nine’ with lightweight and a budget price.

Want deep conceal carry? There’s a $450 laser-fitted 380 that’s less than an inch wide and can be carried without bulge or bump. Have a less seasoned shooter in the family? You’ll appreciate the DA/SA 380 with soft recoil and no muzzle flip.

Plus, the book will bring you the editors’ choices in 380 ACP ammunition, including a 95-grain FMJ with 14″ penetration in water…an affordable premium load with unmatched expansion…and a high-velocity JHP with superb accuracy.

Don’t let your choice of a carry pistol be hit or miss. Get the facts. Just click to purchase your copy of Top 380 ACP Pistols and Gear, Part I today.

Please note: This is a downloadable e-book.


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