The ‘A’ Team: Concealable 9mm Hand Guns & Gear


Meet the “hidden gems” – the 12 best conceal carry choices selected by the editors of Gun Tests!

You carry so that you will never be taken by surprise. That’s why you want to be sure you have a gun you can rely on with certainty and confidence.

After testing dozens of contending compacts and subcompacts, the editors of Gun Tests selected twelve 9mm pistols and revolvers that outshot and outperformed all the others. For conceal carry, these are the guns that are worth a serious look.

In The A Team: Concealable 9mm Guns and Gear you’ll discover…

  • the new 8+1 staggered stack Nine with no-snag design
  • a tough, on-target polymer Nine for less than $350
  • an accurate and easy-to-control 9mm wheelgun
  • the two top +P loads for compact Nines.
  • the bargain 14+1 Nine with great sights and fast shots

In The A Team: Concealable 9mm Guns and Gear, you’ll meet these shining nines. They include guns from Taurus, CZ USA, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Glock, Kimber, Kahr, and more.

This informative new book will help you select the guns that best match your priorities. Carry all day? You’ll find two lightweights that can deliver a punch. Want easy takedown?

A quick first shot? Flawless rapid fire? Double-digit capacity?

You’ll find guns that fit your demands and your budget.

You’ll learn about the right ammo too. In the book, you’ll read about loads designed specifically for short-barrel nines. You’ll find which light recoil round is also most accurate…which load best combines expansion and penetration…and which, with almost no powder flash, is best for night firing.

Plus, you’ll get tips for selecting an IWB holster. With holsters from Hopp, eXo, SwapRig and more, you’ll find which offer the best draw angle, most solid retention, and greatest comfort.

You shouldn’t have to think twice about your carry gun. So, don’t wait, send for this new eBook at once!

Please note: This is a downloadable e-book.