Bolt Action Rifles Part II


Which bolt-actions are this year’s winners?

Meet the guns that won the test-ten top-rated bolt-action rifles selected by the editors of Gun Tests.

It’s the shortlist of today’s best long guns! If you’ve set your sights on a new bolt-action, these are the guns to look at!

In The A Team: Bolt-Action Rifles Gear, Part II, you’ll discover…

  • a knockout elk gun that’s easy on recoil – and your wallet.
  • a trouble-free MOA 243 Win adaptable to any size shooter
  • a smallbore with big features and a near-perfect trigger
  • a rugged, range-finding scope at half the price of its rivals.
  • an $18 add-on to prevent giveaway glare from your scope

From a long-range tactical 308 Win to silhouette match champion 22LR…from a 22-250 Rem tack driver to a 338 Win Mag deer hunter, these are the rifles that stood up to the test and stand out from the rest.

The bolt-action is the classic rifle. And for good reason. It is an uncomplicated design. Well-made bolt-actions deliver enviable accuracy and reliability. They are proven in combat and competition…with small game and with the biggest.

Based on Gun Test’s famed rigorous testing, the editors picked their A-Team…ten bolt-actions that offer great performance and value. The guns are in this new book along with Gun Tests picks for ballistic reticle riflescopes, bipods, gun cases, gun lubricants, ammunition, and more.

The book includes full specs, photos, and range test results for guns from Kimber, Ruger, Weatherby, Howa, Thompson Center, Steyr, and more.

Youll discover a long-range varmint rifle that outshoots sniper rifles costing three times as much. Youll find a versatile bolt-action that can quick-change to different-caliber barrels. And you’ll read about a tactical 308 Win with a lightning-fast short-throw bolt and sub-MOA accuracy.

Ever shoot in bad light? Youll want to know about the problem-solving 30mm sight on page 40. Need a field carry case for two scoped guns? Go to page 61. Looking for a longer-lasting gun oil? Our slick pick is on page 70. How about a .223 JSP round with penetration and minimal ricochet? It’s on page 76.

What guns and gear made it to the winner’s circle? Find out in this square-shooting report. Just click to purchase your copy of The A Team: Bolt-Action Rifles and Gear: Part II today.

Part I is available now too! You can read Part I too! This companion guide brings you the editors’ selections for bolt-actions in 17 HMR, lightweight 308s, 375H&H, and 416 Rigby. Plus,range-finding binoculars, BDC scopes, and more. Click above and download The A Team:Bolt-Action Rifles and Gear: Part I.

Please note: This is a downloadable e-book.


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