Bolt Action Rifles Part I


Is a new hunting rifle on your wish list?

Find out which bolt-action hunting rifles are today’s smartest buys for your shooting and your budget.

Isn’t it time you took that new gun off your wish list and put it on your shoulder?

This new book reveals Gun Tests editor’s top picks in production bolt-action rifles from 17 HMR and 308 Win to 375 H&H Magnum and 416 Rigby. These are the guns that have proved their mettle in tough testing… from guns that are, quite literally, loaded for bear to quick-to-target varmint spankers.

In all, a dozen guns distinguished themselves to become the A Team…twelve bolt-actions that outshot and outperformed a host of contenders. These are guns with accuracy, reliability, and value.

In the book, you’ll find a 17 Hornet bolt-action that delivers consistent MOA groups at 100 yards. You’ll discover a 375 H&H Magnum with an ideal balance and unmatched trigger. And you’ll meet a sleek, light, all-around rifle with 20-round capacity and unbreakable stock.

And it doesn’t take big bucks to bring down the big buck. You’ll read about a bargain .308 Win deerslayer that’s easy to shoot and slick to handle. Or, there’s a classic military rifle with great battle sights and a modest price-tag. And a rugged single-set trigger .416 Rigby that costs two-thirds less than a shorter-barreled rival.

This all-star line-up includes bolt-actions from Browning, Ruger, CZ, Winchester, Kimber, Steyr, and Savage. Plus, the book brings you the bottom line on the most-wanted accessories featuring top choices in range-finding binoculars, hunting rests, and riflescopes.

You can own a rifle that will fulfill your demands and expectations. Just click to purchase your copy of The A Team: Bolt-Action Rifles and Gear: Part I today.

Part II is available now too! This book brings you the editors selections for today’s best bolt-action choices in .22LR, 257 Weatherby, 243 Win., 22-250 Rem, .338 Win Mag, and more. Plus, tests of ammo and optics.

Please note: This is a downloadable e-book.



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