Ammunition Buying Guide Part I


Gun Tests Ammunition Buying Guide: Part 1 will point you to your best choices in 9mm Luger and 45 ACP ammo. You’ll find the loads and brands that fit your skill and fill the bill whether you’re on the range, trekking the backcountry, or seeking the security of a manageable self-defense round with stopping power.

In this Ammunition Buying Guide you’ll discover:

  • The 45 ACP +P hollowpoint that punches holes 30% larger than the competition
  • 3 short-muzzle 9mm loads long on stopping power
  • Two 45 ACP bear defense loads that won’t maul your carry pistol
  • Three frangible loads that are viable for self-defense (and 6 that aren’t!)
  • The low-recoil 45 ACP that delivers the most bang for the buck-Federal or Cor-Bon?

Interested in Part I & Part II? With the 2 part series from Gun Tests, you’ll discover which loads and brands are best for how you shoot and what you shoot. In addition, you’ll learn the self-defense loads that are best for you and your safety. Order this one-of-a-kind downloadable e-book series today!


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