The ‘A’ Team: 1911 Hand Guns & Gear


Which 1911-design pistols are today’s top guns?

Discover 14 can’t-miss choices in 1911 pistols as selected by the editors of Gun Tests.

You know the 1911 design. Every serious shooter does. The 1911 is the gold standard. It’s the gun that fought—and won—the wars. It’s a gun that can take punishment, and without question, can deliver punishment.

Every gun owner wants at least one 1911 in his collection. But which 1911-style guns are best? Which manufacturers have gotten it right? Which have refined and advanced the design? Which guns fill the bill without breaking the bank?

In The A Team: Concealable 1911 Handguns and Gear you’ll discover…

  • an aluminum frame 45 that’s easy on the hip-and wallet.
  • the single stack .40 S&W that tops for accuracy
  • the 38 Super with rapid fire capability and 9+1 capacity
  • two on-target GI pistols that aren’t fussy about ammo
  • a versatile single-stack great for carry—and for L10 competition.

In this new book, the editors size up the top GI, Commander, and Officer models. You’ll find the best 1911 by caliber, including 45 ACP, .38 Super, and .40 S&W. And you’ll read which guns are the smartest choices for carry, home defense, competition, recreation, and even for hunting.

These top 14 guns include models from SIG Sauer, Colt, Auto Ordnance, Remington, Para USA, Kimber, and STI. You’ll find guns ranging in price from a bargain $450 GI to a $1400 blued-steel gem that outshot custom guns costing twice as much.

Looking for a lightweight 45 ACP that’s brilliantly fast on the draw and onto the target? A single stack with great night sights and simple takedown? The best 1911 for a leftie? A double duty gun for trail and carry? Your search is over.

And the report delivers need-to-know facts that will save you time and money and add to your security and safety when it comes to ammo and accessories. We’ll point you to the best holsters including shoulder rigs and IWBs…and the top ammo choices in calibers from 38 Super +P to 10mm hollowpoints.

Make your buying choice with confidence.