Battle Rifle Co. Releasing Three New Models at SHOT 2014


( — Battle Rifle Company is releasing new models at SHOT Show 2014: the BR4 Wolverine, the BR4 ODIN, and the BR4 Attaché, and the company has redesigned the Spectre rifle.

The BR4 Wolverine is a streamlined, lightweight extended rail KEYMOD 3-Gun rifle with a 16-inch barrel, 15.5-inch rail and a new muzzle brake for super stable firing. Available in 5.56mm and 300 Blackout.

The BR4 ODIN is a joint project between Battle Rifle Company and ODIN Works. This rifle is built for the person who needs a full function, compact rifle with excellent balance, reliability and performance. Available in 5.56mm, features include Odin works KEYMOD Rail in 12.5 inch, a 14.5 inch rail with Battle Rifle Flash Suppressor, Extended combat latch, extended trigger guard, B.A.D. Lever, metal sights and extended magazine latch.

The BR4 Attaché is a 7.5 inch AR Pistol that also has a rifle version for Law Enforcement. Compact, light, mobile and very functional, the Attaché works well in CQB type environment. Available in both pistol and rifle versions with 7.5 inch, 10.5 inch and 11.5 inch barrels. Civilian versions are set up as pistols and law enforcement versions can be setup with either a round hand guard or longer versions can be equipped with KEYMOD rails. The Attaché comes with a standard muzzle brake, with one version that has an integral suppressor.

The existing BR4 Spectre has a new look with a 12 inch quad rail designed thinner and lighter than the previous version. Also included with the rifle are MANTA Rail covers and a steel barrel nut.


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