Gun Tests August 2013: More AK-47s from Century and K-Var


( — As a follow-up to the May 2013 test of two AK-47 rifles, the Gun Tests Houston test unit obtained a Century International Arms N-PAP M70 7.62x39mm, $750; and a K-VAR VEPR AK-47 imported by Arsenal.

Contributing Editor Austin Miller said, “Naturally, many shooters are having trouble finding what they want, which usually means rifles that can accept standard-capacity 20- or 30-round magazines. However, you may be able to find and more easily afford a category which we’ll loosely call ‘low capacity’ rifles — e.g., those made for single-stack magazines and which arrive from the manufacturer with 10-round magazines.”

He added, “ The Century International Arms N-PAP M70 is an AK-47 manufactured by Zastava, a Serbian arms manufacturer, and its receiver is cut to accept a single-stack magazine. Our test gun came with two plastic single-stack 10-round mags. Going head to head against the N-PAP is the K-VAR VEPR AK-47 imported by Arsenal. The VEPR has a reinforced receiver manufactured by Molot in Russia and and ours came with two plastic 10-round mags.”

Gun Tests Editor Todd Woodard said, “Both rifles can be modified to take standard AK-47 magazines, but in some states that is not an option now, so we tested both in their as-delivered capacity.”

Cosmetically, the stained maple stocks on the N-PAP are a clear upgrade from the hardwood on the WASR models tested in May, but it didn’t match up to the walnut on the VEPR.

The first thing Gun Tests noticed about the 36-inch-long VEPR is that it almost didn’t look like an AK — billed as a hunting rifle, it looked the part. The 14-inch-LOP thumbhole stock and extended one-piece handguard, along with the larger recoil pad on the buttstock, made for a comfortable day at the range, especially in comparison to the PAP.

To see if the N-PAP eclipsed the VEPR in performance and value, check out the August 2013 issue of Gun Tests magazine.

Gun Tests subscribers should receive their printed magazines in about 5 days. Subscribers with electronic access can check next week to read about these matchups, Publisher Tim Cole said.


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