Remington Model 700 AWR II –As Rugged as the Alaskan Wilderness


Remington Model 700 AWR II –As Rugged as the Alaskan Wilderness

Madison, NC – Built to take anything Mother Nature has to dish out, the new Model 700 AWR II combines rugged durability with Custom Shop craftsmanship. The AWR II is designed and constructed by hand in the Remington Custom Shop by the absolute best gunsmiths in the industry. It’s built with the hardcore hunter in mind to deliver absolute durability, reliability and precision accuracy for a lifetime of use in the field.

The heart of the Model 700 AWR II lies within its Black TriNyte coated stainless steel barreled action. Remington’s proprietary TriNyte Corrosion Control System makes the Model 700 AWR II virtually impervious to even the most extreme conditions. The TriNyte System combines corrosion-fighting materials with an innovative, state-of-the-art application process resulting in a finish that provides scratch and corrosion resistance far superior to stainless steel alone.

Underneath the TriNyte finish, the Model 700 AWR II features custom turned and chambered, hammer-forged barrels that are fluted for weight reduction and increased heat dissipation. These custom barrels are mated to “blue-printed” actions for consistent “guaranteed” sub MOA accuracy. The barreled actions are then hand fitted to rugged Bell & Carlson composite stocks with full-length aluminum bedding blocks for maximum rigidity and free-floated accuracy. All Model 700 AWR II rifles feature stylish jeweled bolts and are fitted with a machined stainless steel trigger guard and floor plate for the ultimate in durability and protection. This meticulous package is topped off with the famous Model 40-X adjustable trigger that’s tuned and set in the Custom Shop at a crisp hunter-ready 3 lbs.

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Model 700 AWR II (87200-87211)
Action Bolt
BBL Length 24 inch
26 inch (Magnum)
Overall Length 44½ inches, 46½ inches (Magnum)
Average Weight 7½ lbs.
Stock Material Bell & Carlson Composite
Stock Finish Olive Green with Black Webbing
BBL Material Stainless Steel
BBL Finish Black TriNyte
MSRP $3,427


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