First Look Video: Three Plinkable 22 Lever Action Rifles


If you’re looking for a 22 lever-action rifle that’s fun to shoot and easy to carry, you should check out the September 2021 issue of Gun Tests magazine.

Gun Tests Contributing Editor Robert Sadowski and his North Carolina test team recently fired three 22 lever-action rifles head to head to find the best performance and value.

The first of the rifles was the Browning BL-22 Grade I 22 LR, $700.

The BL-22 is one of Browning’s most classic and iconic rifle designs. It was introduced in 1969, originally manufactured in Belgium. Production moved to Miroku in Japan in the 1970s.

Our sample is a new model Grade I, which means it has a deeply polished blued metal finish and high-gloss stock — typical Browning aesthetics. You can shave in your reflection in the stock and receiver finishes.

The second rifle was the Henry Classic Lever Action 22 22 LR, $386.

The Henry Classic Lever Action 22 looks like a miniaturized Winchester Model 94 with the straight grip stock, smooth satin-finish wood, hooded front sight, barrel band, and adjustable rear sight.

Out of the box, the Henry felt light weight, and the lever was easily manipulated. In fact the lever is silky smooth and the easiest of the three rifles to operate.

And the third rifle was the Taylor’s & Co. Scout 22 LR, $594.

The Taylor’s & Co. Scout looks a shrunken version of the iconic Winchester Model 1873. The bright-silver receiver is highly polished. In fact, these are aluminum plates that screw onto the actual receiver. There is just right combination of bling and Old West look.

We liked one of these three rifles the best, but another one was a Best Buy, a great mix of affordability and performance.

Also in the September 2021 issue, we provide the grades and Buy/Don’t Buy ratings for more than 20 additional 22 rifles in an accompanying Value Guide sidebar.

Gun Tests doesn’t accept commercial advertising, so we’re free to tell the unvarnished truth about firearms we test.

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