Ruger Mini 14 Tactical Rifle Now Available in 300 Blackout


Sturm, Ruger has announced that the Mini-14 Tactical rifle is now available in 300 AAC Blackout. Suggested retail is one thousand and nineteen dollars.

This chambering should be interesting to Ruger shooters who want an AR-length round that can operate with both supersonic ammunition and subsonic ammunition, the latter for suppressed use.

Because of the 300 Blackout’s bullet-weight range, it’s easier to make a round that stays below 1100 fps but still has plenty of downrange energy.

So it’s important that this newest Mini-14 features an optimized gas port that reliably cycles subsonic ammunition.

The rifle weighs about 6.75 and features a 16.1-inch-long threaded barrel with a 1:7 twist rate.

The threads are 5/8-inch by 24 and come protected with a Ruger flash suppressor, which can be removed to attach sound suppressors.

The rifle’s stock is made of a rugged and durable glass-reinforced nylon. The two 20-round steel magazines provided with the rifle are laser engraved to clearly identify the rifle’s chambering.

A protected, non-glare post front sight and receiver-mounted adjustable ghost ring rear sight offer out-of-the-box usability. The receiver-mounted Picatinny rail offers options for mounting an assortment of optics. All Mini-14 rifles also feature Ruger integral scope mounts and come with Ruger scope rings for conventional scope mounting. Click below to watch the full video:


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