Gun Tests Review: Beretta A400 Xplore 28 Gauge Shotgun


For the May 2015 issue of Gun Tests, Contributing Editor Roger Eckstine assembled a team of shooters to test a 28-gauge Beretta A400 Xplore Action semi-auto.

Unlike many other semi-automatic shotguns, including the Legacy Pointer tested against it, the Xplore Action produced very little sensation of action cycling.

The Beretta’s pistol grip was fashioned with fine, consistent checkering. The extra plate and shims were for tuning the gun to the shooter. Checkering around the trigger guard was a nice touch.

The Beretta featured a rotating bolt, dual action bars, and large ports to keep the system clean.

Our Team said the 28-gauge Beretta A400 Xplore Action semi-auto was very responsive, handsome, and a pleasure to shoot. Watch the video below:


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