VALUE GUIDE: Centerfire Bolt-Action Rifles (Multiple Chamberings)

ARTICLE: Rifles Ready for All 50 States: Springfield, Troy and Uintah, June 2018
Uintah Precision UPR-10 Bolt AR-10 Upper 6.5 CM, $1295 B+ Capable of very good accuracy, this was a dream upper in need of a little refinement.
ARTICLE: Threaded-Barrel Bolt Guns in 300 Blackout and 308 Win., May 2018
Ruger American Rifle Ranch 06968 300 Blackout, $420 A- Shot well both suppressed and unsuppressed. Short length would make it handy.
Remington Model 700 SPS-T 84205 300 Blackout, $680 A- Shot well in 300 BLK supersonic and subsonic. Pair it with an AR-15 in 300 BLK for extra value.
Savage Arms 10PT-SR 22356 308 Winchester, $550 B+ Good build. It did shoot sub-MOA with one round. We loved the bolt handle and the AccuTrigger.
ARTICLE: Bolt-Action Hunting Rifles for Compact and Youth Shooters, March 2018
CZ-USA CZ 527 Youth Carbine 03050 7.62x39mm, $650 A-/B+ Grade A- for adults; Grade B+ for youths. A tool we would trust to work over a lifetime of hard use.
Browning A-Bolt Micro Hunter 035020216 7mm-08 Rem., $578 A-/C+ Grade A- for adults; Grade C+ for youths. Probably too much rifle and recoil for the youngest shooters.
Savage Axis II Compact Muddy Girl 22230 243 Winchester, $490 B/A Grade B for adults; Grade A for youths. Clear winner as a youth rifle, especially for young ladies.
ARTICLE:Options in Precision Rifle: We Test Desert Tech, Howa, Ruger, November 2017
Desert Tech SRS-A1 6.5 Creedmoor, $4495 A Test results proved the SRS-A1 is at the top of the rifle-quality pyramid.
Ruger Hawkeye Mark IV VT 17980 6.5 Creedmoor, $1139 B+ Rough bolt action, but in terms of accuracy, the Hawkeye deserved an A.
Legacy Sports Howa HCR 6.5 Creedmoor, $1450 C The HCR should grade higher based on its ergonomics and simplicity.
ARTICLE:All-Round 308 Winchester Rifle Shoot-Out: Not Our Faves, October 2017
Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical 85538 308 Win., $600 B+ This short rifle isn’t the most accurate, but the overall handling is superb.
Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint 84218 308 Win., $606 B+ Hard to find a production rifle that is capable of greater practical accuracy than the SPS Varmint.
Savage Axis 19223 308 Winchester, $240 C Accuracy wasn’t the best. The rifle was dogged by a heavy trigger that we chose to fix.
ARTICLE: 308 Winchester Bolt-Actions: Remington’s M783 Rifle Wins, March 2017
Remington 783 85847 308 Winchester, $340 A Best Buy. This was the most accurate rifle tested, and there were no demerits to topple the 783.
Remington 700 SPS 85538 308 Winchester, $655 A- If you’re looking for a maneuverable choice, there are few that are nearly as handy as this one.
Savage Axis XP 19231 308 Winchester, $390 B Accuracy wasn’t the best, but accuracy was acceptable with the provided Weaver riflescope.
Mossberg 100 All-Terrain Rifle 27230 308 Win., $200 (Used) C The rifle did not misfeed. We liked the cheek rest. The primary problem was accuracy.
ARTICLE: Mid-Caliber Bolt-Action Rifles From T-C, Browning, and CZ USA, February 2017
Thompson Center Compass 10071 22-250 Remington, $399 A Simple, straightforward, and inexpensive. Delivered sub-minute-of-angle groups with all rounds tested.
Browning X-Bolt Micro Midas 035346209 22-250 Rem., $860 B+ This is a super-handy rifle for the whole family, and it can fit just about anywhere.
CZ USA 557 Sporter Short Action
04806 243 Winchester, $792
B+ The 557’s refined looks belied its rugged durability, but its heavier weight did not seem to tame recoil.
Legacy Sports Howa Mini Action
HMA90622MCC+ 6.5 Grendel, $855
C This otherwise top-grade rifle was spoiled by weak magazine retention.
ARTICLE: We Like Ruger’s Enhanced 6.5 Creedmoor Precision Rifle, November 2016
Ruger Precision Rifle 18008 6.5 Creedmoor, $1599 A This is another solid effort by Ruger. They took an already good gun and made it a touch better.
ARTICLE: Classy European Bolt Guns: Mauser M12 and Blaser R8 Pro, September 2016
Blaser R8 Professional 30-06 Springfield, $3787 A- The R8 was pricey, but it offered interchangeable barrels, a safe firing system, and good accuracy.
Mauser M12 30-06 Springfield, $1799 A- The M12 performed well and had a smoothly operating bolt, but the wood looked dated.
ARTICLE: New 308 Win. Bolt Guns: Howa, Mossberg Square Off, July 2016
Mossberg MVP Long Range (LR) 27697 7.62 NATO/308 Win., $945 A- The MVP LR is well suited as an entry-level rifle for long-range shooting.
Howa Alpine Mountain Package HMR33143+VX 308 Win., $1577 B+ Lightweight and accurate, but we thought the mag release may be an issue for some hunters.
ARTICLE: 308 Win. Bolt Guns: Ruger’s Precision Rifle vs. Tikka T3 CTR, April 2016
Ruger Precision Rifle 18001 308 Win., $1399 A Out of the box, this is an easy-to-shoot rifle that is very accurate for the price point.
Tikka T3 CTR 308 Winchester, $950 A- If you want a rifle to both hunt and do long-range shooting, then the CTR would be a good choice.
ARTICLE: 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle Comparison, January 2016
Savage Arms Model 12 LRP 19137 6.5 Creedmoor, $1252 A The Model 12 LRP shot the smallest groups of the test with every round we tried.
Ruger Precision Rifle 18005 6.5 Creedmoor, $1399 A- Adjustability and AR-15 ergonomics make this rifle appealing and easy to shoot.
Howa 24-Inch HB 6.5 Creedmoor,
HKF92507KH+AB $1000
B+ Many of the benefits of a heavy-caliber hunting rifle with very little of the punishing abuse.
ARTICLE: How About a Krag-Jorgensen?, September 2015
Krag 1898 Springfield 30-40 Krag, ~$1500 A It worked well in its day, and good examples still do today, with a fine inner beauty.
ARTICLE: 338 Win. Mag. Bolt-Action Duo: Henriksen Versus Winchester, July 2015
Iver Henriksen Mauser 98 338 Winchester Magnum, ~$5000 A Classic lines in the Elmer Keith style, the Henriksen 338 is an impressive rifle.
Winchester Modified Model 70 338 Winchester Magnum, $1390 A Originally an A- in Dec. 2012; upgrades from a 375 H&H Model 70 raised its performance.


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