New Long Guns Coming for 2016

Our team of writers canvassed the massive Las Vegas show to find the hottest rifles, shotguns, optics, and new ammunition headed for your local gun shop later this year.


At the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Gun Tests staffers ran across many dozens of new products that we’re working to include in future tests. Following are some of the rifles, rifle ammunition, shotguns, and long-gun accessories we found interesting. If there’s something in particular you want us to test, please drop me a note at

Barnes Bullets

Barnes Bullets has added two new loads to the VOR-TX line of premium ammunition. The first is a 130-grain Tipped Triple Shock load for the 308 Winchester. It is rated at 3,170 fps, and it takes the 308 Winchester into a new realm of velocity. SRP: $45.69 for a 20-round box. The second load is an 190-grain LRX bullet for the 300 Winchester Magnum. This bullet’s ogive and cannelure design gives it a high B.C., and the nose cavity engineering ensures it expands reliably at lower velocities. It is rated at 2,860 fps. SRP: $61/20.

Bergara USA

Bergara USA Woodsman

The Woodsman rifle is new from Bergara. This bolt-action hunting rifle weighs 7.4 pounds in long action and 7.1 pounds in short action. It has a hinged floor plate and comes with a 22- or 24-inch, No. 3 contour barrel. The stock is American walnut, and available chamberings include 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Rem. Mag., 308 Win., 30/06, and 300 Win. Mag.


Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen

Browning’s biggest shotgun news is that the Sweet Sixteen is back. Like its most revered predecessor, the new A5 Sweet Sixteen is built on a smaller, lighter receiver for reduced weight and a sleek feel. The A5 uses kinetic energy to power the recoil-operated Kinematic Drive System for reliable function with any load and under the full extremes of weather, temperature, moisture, or grime. The A5 16-gauge receiver is constructed of aluminum with a black anodized bi-tone finish. The stock—shim-adjustable for length of pull, cast, and drop—and forearm are gloss finish walnut with a close-radius pistol grip and sharp 18 lines-per-inch checkering. The gun uses Browning’s Invector DS choke system; three chokes will be supplied with 2 -inch chambered barrels in 26- or 28-inch lengths. Weight: 5 pounds 12 ounces. SRP: $1,700.

Browning BAR MK 3 Semi-Auto

Browning also will introduce a new updated BAR semi-auto rifle for 2016 called the BAR MK 3 that features a new receiver profile, engraving, and a new stock and forearm design. The lightweight alloy receiver has a satin-nickel finish with high-relief engraving and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The stock and forearm are Grade II walnut with cut checkering in oil finish. Barrel lengths are 22, 24, or 26 inches, depending on chambering.

Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed Bolt-Action Rifle

Browning has introduced the new X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed bolt-action rifle, which features a composite stock with A-TACS AU Camo and a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish on the barrel and action. The barrel is fluted and includes a threaded muzzle brake. Chamberings include 243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win., 7mm-08, 270 Win., and 30/06, all with a 22-inch barrel. Rifles chambered for the 270 WSM and 300 WSM will have a 23-inch barrel; those chambered for the 26 Nosler, 7mm Rem. Mag., and 300 Win. Mag. will have a 26-inch tube. Additional features include an adjustable Feather Trigger, detachable rotary magazine, bolt unlock button, and the X-Lock scope-mounting system. Weight ranges from 6 pounds 5 ounces to 6 pounds 13 ounces. SRP: $1,200 for standard calibers, $1,240 for magnums.

Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter

The Long Range Hunter is also new from Browning. It features a composite stock with carbon-fiber finish, stainless-steel receiver in matte finish, and a 26-inch matte-finish fluted barrel. It comes with a threaded muzzle brake that is easily removed for suppressor installation. Weight ranges from 7 pounds 3 ounces to 7 pounds 8 ounces. It will be available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 26 Nosler, 7mm Rem. Mag., and 300 Win. Mag. SRP: $1,430 to $1,470.

The Browning High Grade Program moves into its fourth year with limited-production Citori 725 Grade VII small-gauge shotguns being offered in 20- and 28-gauge and .410. SRP: $6,270. Browning has also expanded the Citori 725 Sporting and Field over/under lineup to include 28-gauge and .410 models. SRP: $3,200.

Browning High Grade Citori Grade VII 20 Gauge

The new Citori 725 Field small-gauge models will feature a silver-nitride finish receiver accented with high-relief engraving. Stock and forearm are Grade II/III walnut with a close-radius pistol grip in gloss oil finish. Available with 26- or 28-inch and ventilated rib barrels; the weight is 7 pounds 3 ounces. SRP: $2,540.

Browning Buck Mark BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip

Browning’s new line of ammunition, which will be manufactured by Olin-Winchester, includes Buck Mark-logo centerfire rifle hunting loads include the BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip in 243 Win., 270 Win., 30/30 Win., 308 Win., 30/06, 300 Win. Mag., and 300 WSM. The other centerfire rifle loads are topped with the BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip bullet. These boattail bullets have a brass tip and the jacket is bonded to the core. They are available in most of the same chamberings.

The shotshell loads come in three categories. The BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance loads, BXD Upland loads, and BPT Performance Target loads.


CCI is offering a California-legal bullet and called CCI Copper-22. The projectile is constructed from a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a 21-grain hollowpoint bullet. Muzzle velocity of 1,850 fps.


For 2016, Cimarron is offering three Model 71s to choose from. The Model 71 Premium 24 is chambered in 45-70, has a case-hardened receiver, checkered walnut stock, sling-swivel studs, and a 24-inch barrel. SRP: $1,940. The Model 71 Classic 24 is similar to the Premium but with a blued steel receiver. Cimarron’s Model 71 Hogzilla Killa has a 19-inch barrel and is chambered for the 45/70. But, this carbine is fitted with a barrel-mounted rail to allow for the mounting of an extended-eye-relief scout-style scope. SRP: $1,847.

The legendary Billy Dixon carried an 1873 Springfield Trapdoor U.S. Model Officers Rifle while serving as civilian scout for the U.S. Army during the Red River Indian Wars. The Cimarron Officers Model is a faithful reproduction of Dixon’s original rifle, which is on display at the Panhandle Plains Museum in Canyon, Texas. It comes in 45/70 only. SRP: $2,403.

Doc Holiday fans will be excited to see the Cimarron “Doc Holliday” double-barrel shotgun, which is very close to Doc’s original short-barreled double with hammers that was handed to him by Virgil Earp at the real Gunfight at OK Corral. It comes in 12-gauge. SRP: $1,605.


CMMG Mk47 with KRINK muzzle device

CMMG has unveiled the Mk47 lineup featuring a KRINK muzzle device. Similar to the original Mk47 MUTANT design, these new rifles are built around the 7.62x39mm cartridge and feature a shortened AR-10-size bolt-carrier group that is paired with a unique upper and lower receiver to minimize weight and increase ergonomics. One of the primary benefits of the Mk47 design is its ability to accept existing AK magazines and drums. Three models are available. SRP: $1,550 to $1,750.


CZ has no shortage of new rifles for 2016. New centerfire rifle introductions in the compact 527 line include a 527 American in 221 Remington Fireball with a detachable five-round magazine. The second new 527 is in the Varmint configuration and is chambered for the 17 Remington. In the 557 Sporter line, CZ has added two short-action offerings. Both have walnut stocks and four-round detachable magazines. CZ’s new model 557 Urban Counter Sniper is designed to excel at engaging targets within 400 yards. Chambered in 308 Winchester, the short 16-inch barrel only sacrifices 150 fps compared to a standard barrel, and its three-prong flash hider serves as a QD for a suppressor.

The Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine line from CZ has five additions. All are chambered for the 9mm Luger and come with a threaded muzzle in the 1⁄2×28 pattern. Two come with a faux suppressor and two with a muzzle brake.

The CZ model 805 Bren S1 Carbine has four additions to the lineup. All are chambered for the 223 Remington/5.56×45 NATO and come with a threaded muzzle in the 1⁄2×28 thread pattern. These carbines are shipped with either a 10- or 30-round magazine, and two come in basic black and two in flat dark earth.

CZ has a host of new scatterguns in almost every category. The CZ 712 Green G2 adds a little color to the mix with a green anodized receiver. SRP: $500. The CZ 712 3-Gun G2 for the 3-Gun game has n extended bolt handle and oversize bolt release make manipulating the action easier, and the ATI fluted magazine extension bumps capacity to 9+1. It ships with three extended black choke tubes.

In the break-action arena, the Upland Ultralight Green gets a splash of color on its anodized green receiver. It has all the same great features of the Upland Ultralight, including five interchangeable chokes, laser-cut checkering, and a mid-rib. It comes in 12- and 20-gauge. SRP: $762 to $768.

Built specifically for ATA shooters who compete in both trap singles and doubles, and want one gun to do it all, the All-American Trap Combo ships with two sets of barrels. One is a single-shot “un-single” with a dial-adjustable aluminum rib. The other is a standard barrel set with a stepped rib. SRP: $3,400.

The flagship of CZ’s over/under line, the Redhead, gets a new one-piece CNC receiver. With a silver receiver and ejectors, the Redhead Premier is available in 12- and 20-gauge with auto ejectors and 28 and .410 with extractors. SRP: $1,057.

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense DD5V1 7.62x51mm

Daniel Defense has released its much-anticipated rifle for the 7.62x51mm NATO (.308) cartridge. The new DD5V1 has innovative features such as a four-bolt connection system, an optimized upper receiver, an improved bolt carrier group, ambidextrous controls, a configurable modular charging handle, and a cold-hammer-forged barrel. It also features a Geissele SSA two-stage trigger. SRP: $2,900.

Empire Rifles

The new Webley & Scott Empire bolt-action rifle is built by Howa Machinery and boasts the same exquisite fit and finish that Webley & Scott is known for. Each rifle comes with a high-quality Minelli walnut stock, three-position safety and two-stage trigger, jeweled bolt, knurled bolt knob, and 22-inch, No. 2 contour, deep-blued gloss barrel and receiver. It will initially be available in 270 and 30/06. SRP: $899, rifle only; $1,049, rifle and scope package.

Federal Premium

As one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world, Federal Premium is offering three new 3rd Degree 20-gauge loads. 3rd Degree uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload with No. 5 Premium lead, No. 6 Flitestopper lead, and No. 7 Heavyweight shot.

There are also 10 new loads in the American Eagle rifle line, including a 300 Blackout load, the OTM 120-grain 6.5 Grendel, and 140-grain 6.5 Creedmoor. Now devotees of both of these .264-caliber rounds, which continue to grow in popularity, have an affordable factory-ammo option.



FNH USA has expanded its rifle accessory line to include upper assembly units. FN 15 upper assemblies are now available in popular configurations like the FN 15 Carbine, Rifle, Tactical Carbine, and DMR. SRP: $799 to $1,299.


Hornady’s new ELD-X and ELD-Match bullets feature a Heat Shield tip that resists heat deformation in flight. ELD-X component bullets will be available in 6.5mm, 7mm, 30, and 338 calibers. Those same calibers will be loaded in Precision Hunter ammo for a variety of long-range cartridges. The same calibers will be offered with ELD-Match bullets, and Match loads will be offered for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 338 Lapua.


New from Howa is the Alpine Mountain Rifle with a Nikko Stirling Panamax 3-9×40 riflescope. The Alpine Mountain Rifle is available in 243 Win., 308 Win., 7mm-08, and 6.5 Creedmoor. It features a HACT two-stage trigger, Cerakote Gray barreled action, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, and the Ammo Boost detachable-magazine system.

SRP: $1,221, rifle only; $1,188, with the Mag Kit; $1,477, for rifle, Mag Kit, and scope package.

Howa is also offering a new chambering for its Mini-Action short-action rifle. It’s now available in 222 Remington. Scoped packages, using the new Nikko Stirling Panamax riflescope, are also available. SRP: $608 to $782. Stock colors for this model include black, OD green, or Kryptek Highlander.

Iver Johnson

The HP 18 is a departure from the customary Iver Johnson shotgun. Designed for the tactical operator or law-abiding civilian looking to protect its castle, this 40-inch semi-automatic shotgun is available in 12- or 20-gauge and comes with a 18.5-inch barrel fitted with a muzzle brake. The pistol-grip stock is modular; the buttstock can be removed, leaving only the pistol grip. The high-profile rear sight is fitted to a Picatinny rail and there is a fiber-optic front sight. The HP 18 has an unloaded weight of 6 pounds 6 ounces.


Recently approved for civilian sale by the ATF, the Thompson T1-14 offers a 14.5-inch barrel with a permanently affixed Cutts Compensator, putting the total barrel length at 16 inches. This rifle is chambered for the 45 ACP, weighs 13 pounds, and has a walnut fixed stock and a vertical foregrip. It comes with one 20-round stick magazine. SRP: $1,461.

Legacy Sports International

Ammo Boost detachable magazine kits and spare magazines now fit Remington Model 700 rifles in short- and long-action chamberings. These magazine conversion kits will work in all Remington Model 700 rifles except the ADL model. SRP: $98.

The new Pointer Break Action single-shot shotguns are a great way to teach beginners how to shoot. Available in 12- and 20-gauge and .410, these single shots all come with 28-inch barrels and a fixed, Modified choke. Every Pointer Break Action comes with a manual push-button safety, a hammer safety, and a transfer-bar safety. Length: 43.5 inches, weight: 4.8 to 5.4 pounds. SRP: $188.

Lehigh Defense

Staying true to form, Lehigh Defense continues to offer alternatives to traditional ammunition. The new 380 ACP Xtreme Defense (XD) load will penetrate more than 14 inches in 10 percent ordnance gelatin while retaining 100 percent of its weight.

Liberty Ammunition

Liberty is continuing its trend of offering high-velocity, light-for-caliber projectiles, and new for 2016 is its copper monolithic, a fragmenting, hollowpoint lead-free hunting load for the 308 Winchester. With a 3,500 fps muzzle velocity, it generates 2,700 foot-pounds of energy.


The DI rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO was built from the ground up as a completely new direct-impingement rifle featuring many of the same high-performance attributes found in its popular Gas Piston-Luxury AR lineup. Features include a Monoforge upper, modular one-piece free-float rail, and a LWRC cold-hammer-forged spiral-fluted barrel. The rifle also has fully ambidextrous lower controls. Barrel length is 16 inches with a 1-in-7 twist. The rifles weighs 5.9 pounds.


The R15 is a new bolt-action rifle designed to specifically meet the expectations of American hunters and shooters. It features a newly designed receiver with three lugs for maximum strength and safety, and a 60-degree bolt throw for fast follow-up shots. The receiver is mated to a cold-hammer-forged barrel and the R15 utilizes a direct trigger with a pull weight of less than 3 pounds. Two models will be offered: a Grade 1 walnut-stocked version and a fiberglass-reinforced black synthetic-stocked version. Both are available for standard and magnum cartridges: 243 Win., 6.5×55, 270 Win., 308 Win., 30/06, 9.3×62, 300 Win. Mag., and 7mm Rem. Mag. The walnut R15 weighs 7 pounds 4.4 ounces, the synthetic R15 weighs 6 pounds 9.8 ounces. SRP: $799, walnut; $699, synthetic.


The new 500-ATI Scorpion shotgun is the perfect balance of time-tested Mossberg 500 reliability and the functionality of ATI components. It is available exclusively through TALO Group Distributors. Mossberg has teamed up with ATI to outfit this model with an exceptional set of components, bringing an unprecedented stock, a heat shield, a sidesaddle, and an accessory rail together in a single coordinated package. The gun features an 18.5-inch barrel and six-round capacity (2 -inch shells).

Mossberg’s newly designed and handsomely appointed 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun is a competition-ready features include a beveled loading gate, premium Pro-Series coatings, Cerakote-finished receiver, Briley chokes, and a HiViz TriComp sight. The new ergonomically designed walnut stock includes Mossberg’s Stock Drop System.

Mossberg has upgraded the MVP Scout rifle scope package with a new scout scope from Vortex. This new Vortex Crossfire II Scout Scope features extended eye-relief for forward mounting on the MVP Scout rifle for quick target acquisition. Vortex Viper rings are provided in the package.

New for 2016 are five Patriot bolt-action rifles that feature Kryptek Highlander camo stocks with matte blue metal finishes in 243, 270, 308 Win., 30/06, and 300 Win. Mag. Mossberg has also updated its MMR AR 15 platform rifles to include a Magpul M-LOK forend, MOE grip, and removable and adjustable rail-mounted sights and a muzzle brake.


Remington’s 200th Anniversary Model 700 CDL in .35 Whelen

To celebrate its 200th anniversary, Remington is offering a new Model 700 and special versions of the Model 7600 with celebratory engraving. There will be a limited number of only 2,016 units offered in each model and special features will include high-polished carbon steel, engraving with gold inlays, and C-grade American black walnut stocks with a special laser engraving pattern.

For the popular and affordable Model 783 line of bolt-action rifles, Remington has added a scoped combo package. These rifles will have a pillar-bedded Mossy Oak Break Up synthetic stock, the standard CrossFire adjustable trigger, and a Super Cell recoil pad and come with a 3-9X riflescope. Available chamberings include 223 Rem., 243 Win, 270 Win., 308 Win., 30/06, and 7mm Rem. Mag. SRP: $451.

The Limited Edition Model 700 for 2016 comes in the CDL Model which has a satin stainless action, a 24-inch barrel, a satin-finished American walnut stock, a laser-engraved floor plate, and “LIMITED” etched on the left side of the receiver. It also has the X-Mark Pro trigger. It will be chambered for the 35 Whelen.

For 2016 Remington is offering two new home-defense 870s. They are the same as the black synthetic 870 Home Defense models except they are fitted with traditional hardwood stocks. Both have 3-inch chambers and an 18.5-inch barrel with a fixed Improved Cylinder choke. One comes with a four-round tube; the other holds six 3-inch magnum shotshells. SRP: $450 to $475.

Rock River Arms

The Rock River IRS Series rifles integrate low-profile folding sights, which can be used as a primary or backup sighting system. The series also features a new tuned and ported muzzle brake that helps reduce muzzle climb and is equipped with either a 16- or 18-inch barrel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, it weighs between 7.6 to 8.4 pounds. SRP: $1,540 to $1,620.


Savage continues its innovation and response to shooter demand with several new rifles for 2016. First is the Model 16/116 Lightweight Hunter. This rifle tips the scales at 5.65 to 5.8 pounds. It comes with a synthetic stock and a 20-inch barrel. Available in 223 Rem., 243 Win., 270 Win, 308 Win., and 7-08 Rem. SRP: $729.

Stainless barrels and hardwood stock options now come to the Axis II package line. All Axis rifles sport the adjustable AccuTrigger and the package Axis II models include a premium quality, mounted and bore sighted Weaver Kaspa 3-9x40mm riflescope. SRP: $600.

For magnum rimfire enthusiasts, Savage has added three new models to the B-MAG line. They include a Target Beavertail model ($548), a Heavy Barrel model ($402), and a Sporter model ($506.) The B-MAG was built around the 17 Win. Super Magnum cartridge, which creates unprecedented rimfire velocities of up to 3,000 feet per second.

More rimfire news from Savage includes new models in the A17 line. The new target models feature heavy barrels and gray wood-laminate stocks. SRP: $571, Target Sporter; $631,Target Sporter Thumbhole.

The new Model 42 Takedown shotgun-rifle combo gun breaks down with a simple push of one button and includes an Uncle Mike’s Go Bag so you can easily transport it. The Model 42 fires rimfire rounds from the top barrel and .410 shotgun shells from the bottom. The 42 is available in 22 LR over .410 or 22 WMR over .410. SRP: $500.

SIG Sauer

SIG has a redesigned its SIGM400 Predator hunting rifle. Based on the direct-impingement SIGM400 action, the new Predator offers a series of enhanced features optimized for hunters in 5.56mm or 300 Blackout. The hammer-forged stainless-steel barrel is 18 inches for the 5.56 NATO and 16 inches in 300BLK. Barrels come threaded for the addition of muzzle devices or silencers. A top Picatinny rail allows for optics to be mounted, and the ALG aluminum free-floating handguard features M-Lok attachment points.

The semi-automatic SIG MPX Carbine is a modular 9mm that maintains all of the ergonomic superiority of the short-barrel rifle and pistol variants, but now with a 16-inch hammer-forged barrel. It has a full-length aluminum KeyMod handguard and can be turned into an SBR with a simple conversion kit. SRP: $2,055.

Traditions Performance Firearms

The Crackshot is a new rimfire rifle available in 22 or 17 HMR. It has a 16.5-inch barrel and weighs just over 4 pounds. Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s great for plinking and small-game hunting. The easy takedown feature makes for quick disassembly and easy transport. The Dual Safety System includes a hammer block and manual trigger block safety.


TriStar’s new trap shotguns are the TT-15, available in top-single, unsingle, and over/under options. Each model features a Monte Carlo stock and fully adjustable comb made from Turkish walnut. The TT-15 is fitted with a high-standing three-point adjustable rib, auto ejectors, and a fiber-optic front sight. The over/under TT-15 includes five extended color-coded Beretta/Benelli choke tubes while the top-single and unsingle models include three choke tubes. The TT-15 over/under has 32-inch barrels, weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces, has a 14.6-inch length of pull. SRP: $1,099. The top-single and unsingle come with 34-inch barrels. SRP: $999.


Weatherby 6.5-300

Weatherby is doing something in 2016 it has not done for 17 years. It will be offering a new cartridge, the 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum, made by necking down the 300 Weatherby Magnum to 6.5 caliber. It is capable of pushing a 127-grain bullet in excess of 3,500 fps. Weatherby will be loading all of the ammo for the 6.5-300 WM here in the United States at its Paso Robles, California, factory. Initially, three loads will be offered. A 127-grain Barnes LRX, a 130-grain Swift Scirocco II, and a 140-grain Swift A-Frame.

With its new Laminate H-Bar rifle, Weatherby combines the best attributes of the Vanguard with features deemed nonnegotiable by the benchrest and varmint-hunting community. The Vanguard Laminate H-Bar rifle comes with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee and is fitted with a cold-hammer-forged 22-inch, No. 3-contour barrel, measuring 0.740-inch at the muzzle. The Vanguard action is affixed to an oil-finished birch-laminate stock that has a quick-and-easy locking system for adjusting both length of pull and the height of the comb. SRP: $1,449.

The Vanguard Accuguard now offers Accumark accuracy at a much more affordable price. The Accuguard rifle is accompanied with an accuracy guarantee; with premium ammunition, it will produce a three-shot group measuring 0.99-inch or less from a cold barrel. The Accuguard includes a match-quality two-stage trigger, user adjustable for pull weight. SRP: $1,099.

Weatherby has also renovated the Mark V rifle, which marks the first significant refinements of this classic rifle since its original introduction in 1958. All new Mark Vs will feature the new LXX trigger, an ergonomically enhanced stock, a hand-lapped barrel, and a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. The new Mark V stocks now have a slimmer forearm and sharper, more distinctive lines and contours. The grip diameter has been reduced, a slight right-hand palm swell has been added, and overall weight has decreased.


Winchester Model 94 150th Commemorative Lever-Action Rifle

In 2016, Winchester Repeating Arms will celebrate its 150th anniversary. To commemorate this historic milestone, five special firearms will be offered, highlighted by a Commemorative Model 1866 “Yellow Boy” lever-action rifle. This polished brass beauty is faithful to the original and is embellished with some of the most authentic Ulrich-style engraving ever offered on a factory Model 1866. The Model 1866 150th Commemorative Custom Grade will be offered in 44/40 Win. and comes with a custom-grade V/VI walnut straight-grip stock with a satin oil finish. Its deeply polished full-octagon 24-inch barrel features a gold barrel band and special script and scroll engraving. SRP: $3,330.

Two more commemoratives include the 94 and 1873 rifles. The Model 94 150th Commemorative lever-action rifle will be offered in 30/30 Win., with 24-inch full-octagon barrel. SRP: $2,670. The Model 1873 Commemorative will be offered in 44/40 Win. and will feature Fancy Grade V/VI walnut straight-grip stock and rifle-style forearm with classic cut checkering and deep-relief scroll engraving. The full-octagon 24-inch barrel is deeply polished. SRP: $3,330.

Compiled by Gun Tests staff. Some of the descriptions above are from SHOT Daily, a trade magazine published at the show for the dealers and distributors who attend. Used with permission.


  1. Todd. Remington 783 or 700?
    30-06 or 308?
    In my fear of semi-autos becoming banned I want a new rifle. I have a few .308, but the only bolt action is a rent 770. I went cheap and regretted it the bit sticks and it sloppy. I read your reviewon the 783, but the 700 has been around a while.
    I had looked at a Winchester M70 featherlight but can’t find one now. Looking for a second opinion.


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