CZ USA Ringneck Side by Side 20 Gauge


Contributing Editor Ralph Winingham reviewed two break-action 20 gauge side-by-side shotguns in the March 2015 issue.

They were a used SIACE Model 350G with double hammers and double triggers, SIACE Model 350G Hammer Gun 20 Gauge, $2000, and a recently introduced CZ-USA Ringneck hammerless with a single trigger CZ-USA Ringneck No. 06103 20 Gauge, $1022.

The Ringneck has the heft and feel of a well-balanced double.

We were very pleased with the Ringneck’s Greener top cross bolt and bottom locking lug system, which is one of the oldest and most dependable locking systems ever devised.

The only downside we found was with the trigger, which had an 8 and a half-pound break on the right barrel and a 10 and a half-pound break on the left barrel.

The Prince of Wales-style stock helped make the Ringneck a pleasure to shoot and provided good heft and feel.

The forearm wood grain was very pleasing.

If you are looking for an economical 20-gauge side-by-side shotgun that produces a high-quality shooting experience, our shooters said the CZ-USA Ringneck fits the bill.

To read the details about why our shooters thought the Ringneck was worth the money, get a digital subscription to Gun Tests magazine today.


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