FedArm SS12 Model MBP1218 12 Gauge

This shotgun folds into a compact package but is afflicted with problems, and we would steer clear of this gun. FedArm provided zero customer support. When we could get it to work, 00 buckshot groups were tight.




The FedArm SS12 is designed for compact storage as the shotgun nearly folds in half. Our sample sported a matte-black barrel with a bright aluminum receiver. The barrel had a brass-bead front sight. It wasn’t roll marked nor stamped with the choke constriction, but we measured it and determined it was Full. The stock and fore end are black polymer with checkered gripping areas. The recoil pad was hard rubber with a fine texture that did all it could to completely transfer recoil directly to your shoulder pocket. At 4.8 pounds, the lightest of all the shotguns, the FedArm kicked like the proverbial mule. We didn’t know whether to whinny or hee-haw, so we did both. Sling swivels were installed and we like that feature. A cut out in the fore end allows the barrel to fold over the trigger guard.

Action Type Break action, striker fire, single-shot, extractor
Chamber Size3.0 in.
Overall Length 35.7 in.
Folded Length21 in.
Weight Unloaded 5.0 lbs.
Weight Loaded (23⁄4-in. shell)5.1 lbs.
Barrel Length 20.0 in.
BarrelMatte black, steel
ReceiverBright aluminum
ChokeFixed choke, Full
ButtstockTextured synthetic, matte black, hard rubber recoil pad, ambidextrous cheek piece
Buttstock LOP14.0 in.
Fore EndTextured synthetic, matte black
Sights Brass bead
Trigger Pull Weight 11.0 lbs.
Safety Rebounding hammer
Warranty “As is” and without warranties
Telephone (888) 652-6660
Website Fedarm.com
Made In Turkey

To open the action, the shooter pulls the black polymer trigger guard to the rear. The barrel rotated open by just pulling back on the trigger guard. We did notice upon closing the action the trigger guard snaps back into place, and it can pinch your middle finger if you were gripping the pistol grip close to the trigger guard.

Until we went to the range, all looked okay with the FedArm. Starting with birdshot, we found the firing pin was not hitting the primer hard enough. We dry-fired the trigger a few times and felt the firing pin protrude a bit more, but we couldn’t get the game loads to fire. The trigger pull was more than 11 pounds, which was gosh awful. We moved on to the S&B 00 buck, and that fired, giving us a 4-inch pattern, but when we tried to eject the empty shell, the extractor slid pass the brass rim. We used a cleaning rod to tap out the stuck shell. We moved to the Hornady 00 buck and patterned it at 5 inches, and again, the extractor tore through the brass rim of the empty shell. Two rounds fired, and we had two failures to extract. We stopped at that point because the gun was not operating and caused us fits of frustration.

Our Team Said: We think the FedArm is a good idea poorly executed and supported. We have had bad experiences with guns in the past and in most — if not all — cases the manufacturer/importer made good. Not the case with FedArm. We repeatedly contacted them and they told us they did not warranty nor provide service support for guns sold through certain dealers. Their website states: “100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all FedArm products: If you have any issues with the quality/fit/function of your shotgun upon purchase, FedArm will resolve any issues immediately through free repair or replacement. If you are not happy with the product, FedArm will pay to have it shipped back. FedArm strives for 100% customer satisfaction and will go out of its way to ensure only the top service for its dealers and customers.” Then the fine print in Terms And Conditions states: “Warranty Disclaimer: This site and the materials and products on this site are provided ‘as is’ and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.” We even offered to pay for shipping and repairs, but FedArm refused to repair the gun, even on our dime. FedArm did not respond to email inquiries asking for a comment on the gun’s malfunctioning or on the lack of service. We would not buy this gun.

12 Gauge Range Data

To collect pattern data with shotshells, we fired at a distance of 15 yards. All shells were 23⁄4-inch long.
Stevens Model 301 Single-ShotHornady Critical Defense 00 Buckshot Sellier & Bellot 00 BuckshotRemington Game Load No. 6 shot
Pattern Size5.0 in.7.0 in.11.0 in.
H&R Topper Single-ShotHornady Critical Defense 00 BuckshotSellier & Bellot 00 BuckshotRemington Game Load No. 6 shot
Pattern Size4.5 in.7.0 in.21.0 in.
FedArm SS12 Single-ShotHornady Critical Defense 00 BuckshotSellier & Bellot 00 BuckshotRemington Game Load No. 6 shot
Pattern Size5.0 in.4.0 in.NA
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