Remington 870 Magnum 12 Gauge

This is a solid shotgun with good performance. It performs well and offers reliable function. The Remington begins with a four-round magazine versus the 1200’s five-round magazine, and the extended tube offers a single extra shell, so we rated it down a half grade. The Remington is a classic home defender well worth its price on the used market.




This is the 870 Police Magnum action. We found this used Remington 870 for $275 in a pawn shop. A fabric shell carrier rode the stock, a leather sling was supplied, and a metal magazine extension had been added at some time. There was also a yellow plastic aftermarket front bead we could not positively identify. The Remington 870 bears a close resemblance to the Winchester 1200 in outline and operation. The manual of arms is identical, although the spring-loaded Winchester Speed Pump with its rotating bolt head locks up differently. Load the magazine, release the bolt to load a shell into the chamber as the forend is racked, and either apply the safety or fire the shotgun. Rack the forend to eject a spent shell and then move it back into position to load the chamber. All this may be accomplished much faster than it may be written.

The Remington features a steel receiver, while the Winchesters each have an aluminum receiver. The Remington receiver isn’t drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The Remington 870 safety is behind the trigger guard, while the Winchester is in front of the trigger guard. Each has adherents and each may be learned. We fired the Remington at the same range and in the same drills as the Winchester pump shotguns. There were no failures to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. The Remington is positive in operation. There were no significant differences in patterning with the pump-action shotguns. The Remington was fired for slug accuracy and delivered a decent showing, with the slugs landing just above the point of aim and with an average cluster of 2.3 inches with the Fiocchi slugs. While the Winchester 1200 proved speedier in operation, it depends on the goal. With full-power buckshot, it isn’t difficult to match the speed for either shotgun with the other. The Remington feels solid and operates smoothly. We cannot fault the operation of the Remington or its reliability.

Action TypePump
Chamber Size3.0 in.
Overall Length38.4 in.
Weight7.25 lbs.
Weight Loaded8.05 lbs.
Barrel Length18.5 in.
ChokeCylinder bore
StockWood, semi pistol grip
Length Of Pull14.0 in.
ForendRibbed wood
Front SightBrass bead
Trigger Pull Weight7.15 lbs.
WarrantyNone as used
Telephone(800) 243-9700
Made InU.S.A.

Our Team Said: If you can find a good used example of the Remington, especially one with a few accessories thrown in as we found here, you should buy it. It suffers only in comparison to the SXP’s receiver-mounted rails for mounting a red-dot sight. The Remington began with a four-shot magazine and the extension only brought it up to five 2¾-inch shells. We rated it down a half grade on the lesser capacity of the extended magazine compared to the Winchester. We certainly would not feel naked with the Remington as tested.

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  1. Hi read the stats and condition regarding the Remington 870 12 gauge . Sounds good I am a little confused , is this shotgun forsale ? If so I would bid or but it .


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