Buying a Plinker 22 LR? Try the Marlin Model 60


Buying a Plinker 22 LR? Try the Marlin Model 60.

When our sister site tested the Marlin Model 60 with tubular magazine and hardwood stock, the Gun Tests writers cited $179 as the gun’s MSRP.

Actual offers are far below that price on, we found. More than two dozen Model 60s are listed, with auction dates closing today through the middle of August. staffers believe it’s possible to pick up one of these plinkers for somewhere between $75 and $100.

Is the Model 60 worth that? Yes.

Our sister site, reviewed the gun in May 2008. Ray Ordorica picked the Marlin over the Remington 597 SS and Ruger 10/22 Camo Laser model, writing about the Marlin, “We all liked the Marlin. Its Micro-groove rifling has stood the test of time, and clearly works very well. We liked the wood stock with its nice finish, and the overall feel of this rifle. We admit the 14-shot capacity was popular with the dedicated plinkers in our group.”

To read more about the Model 60, click here

To see the Model 60 auctions on, log on to the site and search for Marlin Model 60.


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