MG Industries Now Shipping a 9mm MARCK 15


( — MG Industries, manufacturers of the MARCK 15 AR “Hydra” platform, announces that the complete weapon system configuration in 9mm SMG Hydra is now shipping. The suggested retail for the MGI 9mm SMG Hydra Modular Rifle is $1,299.

The 9mm SMG MARCK 15 Hydra is a multi-caliber modular rifle on an AR-15 type platform. It comes standard with a 16-inch blowback barrel and blowback bolt. It utilizes 9mm Colt-style SMG magazines.

A Maine-based company, MGI specializes in military and law enforcement weapons platforms. MGI products are available through Camfour (413-564-2300), Big Rock (800-334-2661) and Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. (800-223-0702) or visit


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